“Alphabets For Kids” for iPhone/iPod is now Live on Apple Appstore

DataInvent Systems is please to announce the launch of its new learning application for kids “Alphabets For Kids” for iPhone/iPod on Apple Appstore.You can view the App at the following link.



StuntPlane Lite(free version) is now Live on App Store

StuntPlane Lite(free version) is now Live on App Store.You can download it at the below link


StuntPlane v1.1 is now Live on Appstore

V 1.1 contains fixes regarding the dull background on some 3G devices.


اغاني المسلسلات Now Live On Apple AppStore

We are pleased to announce the launch of another Application اغاني المسلسلات on Appstore.This Arabic Multimedia application has been built for our UAE client AAS(http://www.almsaeed.com).

SongsOfSeries orangebadge

StuntPlane Now Live On App Store

We are pleased to inform you that DataInvent Systems has added another application "Stunt Plane" to its portfolio on App Store. Check out this application on the App Store:Orange Badge


Astronomy 101 is now Live on Apple AppStore

I am pleased to announce that DataInvent Systems app, Astronomy101 , is now live on Apple Appstore. You can view and download the application at the below Appstore link.

Orange Badge


IPhone development : Understanding MapKit

Displaying Google Maps is your application is always a fancy touch and more mapkit21 (1)and more clients want it in there applications these days. 

IPhone SDK provides MapKit Framework to implement Google maps in your IPhone application.One might think implementing Maps would be tricky but its really very easy and wont take more than 30 min of your time.

You can find an excellent tutorial for getting you started with the MapKit Here

You can also check out the MapKit Framework reference Here