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Pakistani and Muslim Societies – Hasan Nisar on Luqman Show




Success of Long March : Role of Nawaz Sharif

From the moment Nawaz said “ the wind of change has started blowing” outside his residence in model town the success of long march was guaranteed.Nawaz was at peak of all his political might.1237140007636

On the morning of 15th Lahore was completely ceiled and the massive numbers of security persons,house arrest of Aitzaz and Nawaz,it was apparently looking that this would be a march that wont even cross GPO.This was confirmed by the crackdown of police on a small peaceful protest at GPO.But then something happened that doesn’t normally happen in Pakistan politics.Against all odds Nawaz came out gave a heartwarming speech and the success of long march was ensured.The way Nawaz and his followers broke away from police barricades in model town and kalma Chowk it was apparent that no matter how many police government deploys it wont matter,and by the time Nawaz had reached Ichra Long march was a massive success and the Halls of power in Islamabad had started shaking.

It is first time in Pakistan that Popular people leader has stood against the government not for his Power but for the people of Pakistan.The sheer size of Mob Nawaz amassed was enough for the government to restore the judges.

It must be said that this was a lawyers movement from day one and Imran Khan and Qazi and there parties played a massive role if the 2 year long movement,but one can’t help but say that the killing blow was dealt by Nawaz Sharif.

This movement also showed that peoiple of pakistan are alive and wont be bullied no longer by the oppressive regimes and governments.Success of movements like these are turning points in nation history thus lets all hope that this movement brings a positive change in Pakistan and takes us towards a better Future.

Kal Aaj Aur Kal

Restoration of Judges.A historical day for Pakistan:)

Mein Ne Uss Se Yeh Kaha – Habib Jalib

Must Listen


Mein Nahi Manta

Wonderfull poem by Habib Jalib.


Obama-44th Us President

44th US President is going to be sworn in tomorrow. Through out the t1home_obama_giworld people are welcoming the end of Bush Regime and Welcoming Obama as the most power full man in the world.

Last 8 years of Bush regime have left the world Broken and bleeding. With war raging in Most of Middle East, Extremist sentiment Stronger than ever, World Economy in shambles and US Image in the world at an all time low.

In this time of crises election of a black US president is even more welcomed. The fact is people can relate to Obama and his life story. He is a president from among the masses who has gone to the top office due to his sheer effort, Charisma and Dynamism and not due to his Family background and Family political ties.Its due to this fact people are relating him to great statesman like Abraham Lincon and expecting the same dramatic policies and changes that Lincon brought to USA.

But the question we need to ask is that will Obama be able to repair what’s broken in Past 8 years. Can he come up with a solution to Middle East crises? Can he help root out extremism in Middle East and Asian Subcontinent not by violence but due to his policies, and what can he do to support the failing Economy.

A Lot remains to be seen but Obama has made a great start and he goes into White House with lot of support and high expectations.

Only time will tell if he will be able to deliver.