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Apple iPad – “iPhone on steroids” OR much more

Steve Jobs unveiled  Apple much awaited tablet pc “iPad” yesterday.iPad will start from an incredible affordable price of $499 and will be launched around April this year.Jobs described it as "so much more intimate than a laptop and so much more capable than a smart phone."

In last 24 hours it has been iPad media frenzy over the internet. From strict criticism,disappointments,applauses to even jokes.Frankly speaking everyone has his own expectation with the iPad.Taking into perspective the extraordinary leap that iPhone took people where expecting iPad to be similar.They wanted it to be like some sort of futuristic “star trek” or “Minority report” sort of touch and control sort of gadget when in reality it turned out to be much familiar.So naturally people are disappointed.

The lack of camera and USB ports was a huge disappointment i have to admit.Lack of camera can be assumed to be a huge technical blunder from the geniuses at apple.But then when you see the broader picture and see apple competition in tablet pc arena there isn’t much to speak off.Amazon kindle is basically a book reader and with the touch screen and the finishing,iPad provides much better book reading experience.Hp Slate PC’s running window 7 shown by Balmer earlier this month were not exactly eye catching as well.

From development perspective just consider it as an iPhone/iPod with huge touch screen and powerful processor,and i think these 2 factors open a huge new market of app development for iPad.with such a huge screen(compared to iPhone) there will be more sophisticated an complex applications making there way to iPad ,not to mention the potential in games market.Surely big giants like EA will soon be announcing some extraordinary game titles for iPad very soon.SDK 3.2 beta is already available for download from appstore.

So all said and done may be apple is still at the top of tablet pc market and comes April we might see a frenzy to buy the new hottest gadget in town”iPad”.

Seth Godin At Business of Software conference

Couple of days back i heard this really amazing lecture about marketing software by Seth Godin. This is a must watch if you are a software developer looking to jump into entrepreneurship domain.

You can see the whole lecture at this link:

Harry Potter And Half blood Prince Review

Saw Harry Potter And Half blood Prince yesterday and i must say i was 2008-11-14-harry_potter disappointed.May be the people who have not read the books will like it but for a book crazy fan like me it was a disappointment.Every one knew that movie wasn’t going to be as good as book but this one was a very poor effort.

From the cave scene till the ending the book keeps you in  tight grip but in the movie those scene which are essence of half blood prince happen in like 10-15 min which is a shame.

The ending of Order of Phoenix in movie was much better but this one was disappointing.If you remove the books then movie was good watch still not epic movie.Certainly not the best movie in series.

On Twitter Now

Well i have finally joined twitter. Aleem is like crazy about twitter so also decided to give it a go.Now if u think Facebook was gr8 for sharing ur thoughts and day to day activities then twitter goes a step further by giving u an opportunity to virtually broadcast urself onto the world(Forcefully).

And like every Other  thing it has its pros and cons.Like i was immediately informed when Aleem reached his Dubai and then his home.

Problem i am facing is that i dun have a decent set to use twitter.If anyone has any good suggestion for a good set in range of 15k Rs(150-200$) please do suggest.

You can find me on twitter by searching abdul_azeem.

Transformers : Revenge of The Fallen & Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.

I just saw Transformer:Revenge of the Fallen and must say it was a wonderful movie.Almost as good as first one if not better.Also this is biggest blockbuster movie for past 1 year easily.the fight scenes in this move are epic and story is also Strong.

I am now waiting for Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince which is due latter this month.I just hope that it lives up to its expectation and does justice to the novel because the story in novel is really strong and from trailer it does look like an epic movie as well.

Finally joined Twitter

So i finally created an account on twitter..Still don’t know how it completely works..Aleem has been talking a lot about it so i said why not give it a try 🙂