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Exemplary Behavior of an Exemplary Leader

it was year 637 AD. Caliph Umar Muslim Army had Just accepted the surrender of the city of Jerusalem after a four month siege. As Hazrat Umar entered Jerusalem Patriarch of Jerusalem Sophroniu gave Him tour of the city.At the hour of prayer they stood together in the church the Holy Sepulchre,Sophronius invited Umar to pray in the Church; “No,” replied Umar, “If I do so, the Muslims one day might take this as an excuse to take the church from you.” So Umar prayed on the steps of the church. He then gave the Bishop a pact that forbade the Muslims from ever praying on the steps of the church.


“I am reading "A History of the Crusades" by Steven Runciman and will be stating major historical facts about crusades on my blog from time to time“

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Kal Aaj Aur Kal

Restoration of Judges.A historical day for Pakistan:)

Mein Ne Uss Se Yeh Kaha – Habib Jalib

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History of Pakistan: Identity Crises

In Our school years when it comes to social studies or history of Pakistan we Chandragupta_mauryan_empire_305_BC start from Muhammad bin Qasim invasion of Sindh. So history of our region and Pakistan probably start from 8thg century. In later years we are taught a bit about Indus valley civilization. But in between history of almost 3000-4000 years is missing as there was no one in this region.

We are not told about the great Mauryan dynasty or about the origins of Buddhism and its impact on our region. Nor are we told about the Invasion of our region by Alexander the great and its relations with subsequent empires like Seleucid Empire. There is no mention of Ashoka, 180px-Taxila2Chandragupta Maurya or any of the other great rulers of the time. Why?

May be the reason is that they were all Hindus and not Muslims. It’s like we are disowning our Past where we are linked to Hindus but isn’t it a fact that almost all of our ancestors where Hindus or Buddhist then why do we run away or disown our own heritage and ancestry.

If Once looks more closely the most of Indian subcontinent heritage is embedded in Northern India which also includes Pakistan. Taxila is prime example which was a major educational and cultural centre during Mauryan 180px-TheBuddhaAndVajrapaniGandhara2ndCenturydynasty. Also Alexander the great and the Great Persian Empire also attacked this region. But why are we not told any thing about that? Why does our history start from 1947?

On the other hand India takes full advantage of its heritage and boasts one of the most ancient cultures and heritage in the world and highlights its past. This raises tons and millions in terms of tourism for them.

History plays a major role in nations identity and there unity. A nation who disowns its history, culture and heritage has nothing to be proud of. I think it’s about time we start thinking as a nation and be proud of our Hindu/Buddhist Culture/Heritage and reclaim our identity and highlight it to the rest of the world.

Mein Nahi Manta

Wonderfull poem by Habib Jalib.