IPhone development : Understanding MapKit

Displaying Google Maps is your application is always a fancy touch and more mapkit21 (1)and more clients want it in there applications these days. 

IPhone SDK provides MapKit Framework to implement Google maps in your IPhone application.One might think implementing Maps would be tricky but its really very easy and wont take more than 30 min of your time.

You can find an excellent tutorial for getting you started with the MapKit Here

You can also check out the MapKit Framework reference Here

Hourly work vs. linchpin work – Seth Godin

“I had a college professor who did engineering consulting. A brand new office tower in Boston had a serious problem–there was a brown stain coming through the drywall, (all of the drywall) no matter how much stain killer they used. In a forty story building, if you have to rip out all the drywall, this is a multi-million dollar disaster. They had exhausted all possibilities and were a day away from tearing out everything and taking a loss. They hired Henry in a last-ditch effort to solve the problem. He looked at the walls and said, "I think I can work out a solution, but it will cost you $45,000 if I succeed." They instantly signed on, because if he succeeded, the project would be saved. Henry asked for a pencil and paper and wrote the name of a common hardware store chemical and handed it to them. "Here, this will work." And then he billed them $45,000. That’s quite an hourly wage. It’s also quite a bargain.”

You can read the whole article @ Seth’s Blog

Main Ye Kiss Ke Naam Likhoon Jo Alam Guzar Rahe Hain – Obaidullah Aleem




Narration by Obaidullah Aleem @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlZPLtmZr4g

More Info about Obaidullah Aleem @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obaidullah_Aleem