iPhone Dev : Turning Sound On/Off in Cocos2d/CocosDenshion

Well its a pretty basic requirement in game development but for the very first time you don’t exactly know how to do it.Naturally i went to Cocos2d website and looked in cocosdension help.Here is the way to do this mentioned on cocos2d website

   1: [CDAudioManager sharedManager].backgroundMusic.volume = 1.0f;

Range is 0.0 for off to 1.0 for maximum volume.

But when your using multiple background sounds this way gets a little messy.Something to do with the fact that for very sound file you have to reset the music volume and previous music volume value does not persists.So natural i banged my head quite a lot on how to fix this.

After few hours of head banging i just jumped into the code file and found an extremely easy way to mute/unmute sounds.

   1: [CDAudioManager sharedManager].mute = FALSE; //Sound On

   2: [CDAudioManager sharedManager].mute = TRUE;  //Sound Of

That’s it just one line and your settings last all across your app even if your using multiple sound files with [CDAudioManager sharedManager].This is the best way to implement if you have a settings screen in your game where you can turn sounds on/off.Basic stuff but is really helpful once you know it.

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