Haye ye Batii (load Shedding) :(

well it went 30 mins early today and its relay not bearable now.Its extremely hot and to add to our torture is this painstaking 12 hrs load shedding everyday.I normally come home from office around 8 only to find that in next 5 hrs before sleep 2-3 hrs will be without light and no internet(off course).Its really annoying.

And the most disappointing thing is that government doesn’t seem to care.So for now we can just pray for rain right now and hope that the summer season passes quickly.:(

4 Responses to Haye ye Batii (load Shedding) :(

  1. preeto says:

    if he asks to me what is your sorrow,
    then what is my sorrow if he asks to me

  2. Tahir Choudhary says:

    Hi Azeem

    How are u hope u r fine what are u doing in Pakistan come back to uk.

  3. imtiazulhassan says:

    no matter we can just pray to Allah coz He’s The Only Who care 4 us

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