End Of Studies :) For Now at least

Finally after almost 2 years of studies and long travelling ( Wapda Town to LUMS Daily) i have completed my Masters.Last final was on 9th June.2 Years spent at LUMS whr sheer joy and treat.Having got my BS degree from FAST ( which is a top class institute in its own right) 2 years at LUMS where a wonderful experience.Having being taught by excellent professors like Dr.Ashraf Iqbal, Dr.Naveed, Dr.Shafay, Dr.Umer Saif, Dr.Fareed and many more was an excellent and refreshing experience.

i resumed my Job as Software Engineer at Cambridge Docs 2 weeks ago after taking  2 months leave to finish my Masters.So for at least for now its back to Job mode and no more studies for now.