Mein Nahi Manta

Wonderfull poem by Habib Jalib.


Seen Report & Chopaal

Last time I visited Seen Report was quite a few months back but today I just happened to came across it and couldn’t help but notice that how much grown and mature the Seen Report platform has become. It has become a popular platform (specially among young generation) to express your views and comments and with the traffic on the site it was evident it has quite a few subscribers/visitors. Seen Report is among just one of few the innovative startups from Dr.Umar Saif and company. Seen Report along with Chopaal is among two of the popular platforms to express your views and circulate news. Chopaal with its SMS Facility and Seen Report with it’s on the go Journalism/reporting are both brilliant concepts. Recently both of them have also won the Annual ICT PASHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association) Awards, 2008 so Hats of to all the guys in LUMS who are associated with the startups and wishing them all the success in Future.