Windows 7

Windows 7 which is the working name of Microsoft’s next Major window release is scheduled to be released some time late 2009 or early 2010. Windows 7 user interface was demonstrated for the first time at the D6 conference. Graphically it looks great .Far better than Vista. Here are some screen shots of the UI from d6 Conference.


2 Responses to Windows 7

  1. Daud Ahmed says:

    I haven’t even shifted to Windows Vista yet (and have no intention of doing so in the near future). Windows XP was a major release of its time. There was a lot of incentive in getting that but with Vista there’s nothing new.
    And Linux with xgl probably has better ‘graphics’ right now as compared to Vista anyway. Makes me wonder are there going to be any ‘real’ changes to Windows or are they just gonna keep tweaking the ‘graphics’?

  2. JazzianButt says:

    I am also still using windows XP with service pack II, but what i think is that i should switch to Linux because its free and open source OS.

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