CakePHP is a rapid and quick development framework (just like ruby) that helps in quick development and deployment of an application. It follows common design patterns like MVC.

CakePHP follow MVC architecture so there are three basic layers in CakePHP.

A controller is used to manage the logic for a part of your application. Each controller can offer different functionality; controllers retrieve and modify data by accessing database tables through models; and they register variables and objects, which can be used in views. Controller can use different Components to implement the logic.

Models represent data and are used in CakePHP applications for data access. A model usually represents a database table but can be used to access anything that stores data.They can connect to your database, query it (if instructed to do so by a controller) and save data to the database.

The view layer of CakePHP is how you speak to your users. Views should not contain complex business logic; only the elementary control structures necessary to perform particular operations, such as the iteration of collected data through a for each construct, should be contained within a view.

Deployment and Baking
CakePHP comes with baking feature which greatly reduces development time for simple crud based applications>All you have to do is Create a database and Cake will do the rest for you with all the logic and views with links automatically created.

You can follow the examples on Cake Official Website to get started.
If you are already familiar with ruby and MVC architecture getting started on CakePHP would be extremely easy.
For full details about CakePHP visit official site for further details.

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  1. Abdul Aleem says:

    Azeem studying MVC .. humm .. I think our discussions are going to be more interesting. BTW it is nice you are getting on with PHP, something which I always felt is a good technology to learn but did’nt get a chance till now.

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