Dangerous Knowledge : Georg Cantor

Inspiration for following few Dangerous knowledge posts is BBC doucumentry known as “DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE” which is a must see and recommended.

“Georg Ferdinand Ludwig Philipp Cantor (March 3, 1845 – January 6, 1918 ) was a German mathematician. He is best known as the creator of set theory, which has become a fundamental theory in mathematics. Cantor established the importance of one-to-one correspondence between sets, defined infinite and well-ordered sets, and proved that the real numbers are “more numerous” than the natural numbers. In fact, Cantor’s theorem implies the existence of an “infinity of infinities”. He defined the cardinal and ordinal numbers, and their arithmetic. Cantor’s work is of great philosophical interest, a fact of which he was well aware.The harsh criticism has been matched by international accolades. In 1904, the Royal Society awarded Cantor its Sylvester Medal, the highest honor it can confer.”

“Cantor was the first to formulate what later came to be known as the continuum hypothesis or CH: there exists no set whose power is greater than that of the naturals and less than that of the reals (or equivalently, the cardinality of the reals is exactly aleph-one, rather than just at least aleph-one). Cantor believed the continuum hypothesis to be true and tried for many years to prove it, in vain. His inability to prove the continuum hypothesis caused him considerable anxiety.”
“The difficulty Cantor had in proving the continuum hypothesis has been underscored by later developments in the field of mathematics: a 1940 result by Gödel and a 1963 one by Paul Cohen together imply that the continuum hypothesis can neither be proved nor disproved.”

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  1. Navid Masud says:

    Nesting Multiple Infinities.

    In our physical universe some perceive the distance, and so the space it spans to be Infinite; and some perceive time to be infinite; this being the concept of being unlimited, meaning in effect that the idea of infinitely is simply always being larger than any imposed value or boundary, so the view of something boundless.

    We cannot perceive any form of infinity, we can only conceive it. I think, in my view, we can draw a reasonable distinction between what we can PERCEIVE (directly experience), IMAGINE (represent without the NECESSITY of experience or UNDERSTANDING) and CONCEIVE (represent without the POSSIBILITY of EXPERIENCE or FULL UNDERSTANDING e.g. a line of infinite length, as per mathematical notation)

    The point is that we use Mathematics as one of the mind tools which have been invented or discovered (depending on which school of thought you attest to) in order to REPRESENT and EXPLAIN what WE CONCEIVE, BUT CANNOT EXPERIENCE (e.g.INFINITY). The problem arises with the limits of the explanatory power of Mathematics in terms of its representational capacity (symbolic reference of “real world” material entities) and its ability to add meaning beyond a very small community of “nerds”

    Further, according to Cantor you will always have higher levels of Infinity, as far as he could determine, without end. (he drove himself insane trying to prove it!) This is because there is in fact only one infinity, the infinite aspect of ALLAH (which is AHAD, SAMAD AND LAM YULAD) which(from Islamic point of view) as we know exists beyond our explanatory capacity.

    The reason we speculate on multiple infinities is because of the limitations of mathematical reasoning. As Godel pointed out in his “Incompleteness Theorem”, any system based on mathematical reasoning cannot fully explain itself without reference to a higher order system (ONE ALLAH). Turing followed this up with the fact that you cannot even apply computational algorithms to the problem. He showed that there are computational algorithms, the outcome of which cannot ever be determined. All you can do is set them in MOTION and WATCH and WAIT (TIME) for COMPLEXITY to EMERGE. In my opinion (for what its worth) Cantor, Godel and Turing are three of the most important figures in mathematics EVER, but because there ideas threatened the foundations of most of modern mathematical and scientific reasoning, they have been sidelined by the establishment – AS ALWAYS HAPPENS. This as we know is what actually happened to Maxwell, whose use of Quaternion Mathematics took him nearer to the truth than either Faraday or Einstein, or most others. That’s because he realized that ORDER MATTERS, and that within the Maths, 2+3=5 is not the same as 3+2=5. (THE ORDER WHICH EMERGES FROM THE MANIFOLD or as Maxwell put it, THE ETHER)

    A circle in a single aspect is a form of infinity having no beginning and no end. But it is bounded, THE MANIFOLD/ETHER IS NOT.

    To grasp the scale of the infinite universe we reside in, is not yet possible with accuracy, it not yet been quantified, (nor ever will in my opinion, because we impose LIMITED mathematical boundaries on something which is TOTALLY INFINITE) cosmology is in a state of constant discovery of ever greater proportions, so the imposed boundaries are in a constant state of expansion.

    They estimate the age of the milky way is around 14 billion years old, this is not the age of the entire universe as each galaxy is formed through a mini big bang, each created independently and over vast expanses of time, so the first galaxy’s age is impossible to estimate from our present scientific abilities. It is conceivable new galaxies are in a state of constant construction filling the blackness with a magical magnificence.

    Yet to human awareness, the physical universe is truly infinite, the mind can not conceive of the immense scale of this reality, according to my reasoning above, we can conceive of infinity but can never EXPERIENCE or FULLY UNDERSTAND it distances that are so vast they defy our ability to comprehend them, the most distant galaxy found to date has been estimated to be 78 billion light years away, that’s 458,640,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles distant, so if you travelled at 186,283 miles per second; it would take you seventy eight thousand million years to cover that distance, but this distance is ever increasing as the milky way galaxy we inhabit is moving away from the rest of the galaxies, and in addition the galaxies are moving away from us, so the expansion is ever greater, as the volume of space increases, like the inflating of a balloon pushing the galaxies apart. Consider, the Earth itself is only 4.5 billion years old, so it would take over 17 times the present lifespan of Earth to traverse such a distance at the speed of light. (even trying that much is virtually impossible)

    This physical universe is an open system, it is in constant state of energetic flux, this entire physical manifestation is created instant by instant from a underlying source. Every atom of this creation is moving, it occupies a point in space for such an infinitesimal moment as almost never to have been there at all, multiple directions, multiple velocities, multiple rotation, everything is moving.

    Information is the key to understanding physical creation, our material universe is information, vast amounts of it, just as we are created through information in our DNA and RNA, so this universe is formed, the universe is the simplest manifestation of this system, energy is order, order is information, information is truth. Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom (the most refined levels of information) as products of Reason, is Truth

    The source of this universe is the manifold, holding all the multi-verses within the same space, through this energetic process of constant multi movement, a virtual infinity of potential infinities could exist. An ABSOLUTE INFINITY

    So our physical universe is held and manifest moment by moment from the manifold, an infinite ocean of energy, or more precisely an infinite ocean of knowledge, understanding and wisdom so densely pack, it requires only a cubic centimetre to generate our universe, so consider the infinity of the source reality, so vast, so dense, so immeasurable it holds this physical infinity as a single drop within its infinite ocean, making this reality insignificant in comparison.

    All realities are held within the same space, we have mentioned the four dimensional space we occupy, generated from the manifold, so truly we only borrow these dimensions, they belong within the manifold itself. Beyond this and within this exists seven spatial dimensions, each held within the next, each infinity so vast it makes the preceding infinity seem as a single drop with its infinite ocean.

    All infinities subsist in the same space, even though the space we can comprehend maybe only an atoms worth of space in an infinite ocean of space, all exists within all; each held within the next as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, yet beyond these fundamental infinities of eleven dimensional space more exists, so infinite it holds all this within it as insignificant, so subtle it is hidden, yet all pervasive, what lies beyond this we have no understanding, a reality of infinities generated through the will of a single consciousness, all reality growing out from a single point of infinite non-existence, all knowledge retained and this knowledge expands, knowledge builds knowledge, and from non-existence spinning out, conscious knowledge fills non-existence and a universe of immense and boundless magnificence builds, evolving into a reality we ponder in a mind of tiny thoughts, a mind infused with a tiny spark of conscious existence, loaned to us from the single conscious will. Consciousness is the highest stage in the creative and manifest process of EXISTENCE (from the MANIFOLD to ENERGY to MATTER to INFORMATION to CONSCIOUSNESS) which is the FORCE which feeds back into the manifold, in a POSITIVE WAY and in an INCREMENTALLY RECURSIVE manner, through higher and higher levels of REASON (a la Koran) UNDERSTANDING and WISDOM in order for us to ultimately find our way back to the source of all creation, which is ALLAH.

    A continuum of nesting multiple infinities, each boundless, each non-finite in its aspect, yet nesting with each greater infinity held invisibly, yet all pervasive. Within each infinity the infinite holds without question, independently perceived to be without boundaries, both lower infinities and higher infinities exist as an integral part of each infinity, all connected, all in unity.

    How do we know this, the mathematics of this reality demands it exists as an eleven dimensional structure, each descending dimensional level massively increasing in complexity and activity, also the manifold ,that generates this ostensible reality as its underlying source,
    demonstrates both an infinity so vast it makes this reality insignificant and also that the manifold is dwarfed by the descending dimensional plains, as they exist both within our reality, the manifold itself, and beyond the manifold, we also know that all reality is emanated from a single point, again this is outside of the eleven dimensional plains yet all pervasive and in fact the ultimate source of all realities.

    Allah emanates all reality from the inside out. So is one infinite source.

  2. John Ryskamp says:

    You are very out of touch with current work in western thought. Let me bring you up to date:

    We are in the midst of a renaissance in the historiography of set
    Above all, I recommend A. Garciadiego, BERTRAND RUSSELL AND THE
    THE SET-THEORETIC ‘PARADOXES,’ but there’s also Grattan-Guinness and
    Ferreiros, discussed in the paper linked below.

    Here is the central issue in the understanding of the relativity of

    Einstein used a mathematical approach which he called “practical
    He thought the formulation of this point of view was his crowning
    and thought very highly of the lecture in which you can read his
    of it, “Geometry and Experience.” I recommend it.

    Today this mathematical point of view is called constructivism or
    mathematics, and in his day it had three branches: intuitionism,
    logicism and

    So you have to understand, first, that Einstein expressed the
    relativity of
    simultaneity in practical geometry. I don’t see any acknowledgment of
    in this chain of remarks. If you want to understand what he said, you
    to understand the issues which were important to him.

    From Poincare (SCIENCE AND HYPOTHESIS), but also from the long
    tradition of
    natural mathematics stretching back to Aristotle’s concern over the
    of Zeno, he adopted the idea that all argumentation leads inevitably
    paradox. This is certainly the gist of the response to Cantorian set
    hence the fame of the supposed set-theoretic ‘paradoxes.’

    The most important result of this concern was the idea that there is
    no such
    thing as logical content: arguments, if expressed in a certain way,
    approach logical content but can never actually contain it, because,
    argumentation necessarily leads to paradox.

    So, for practitioners of constructivism or practical geometry, the
    only way
    out was a compromise: construct an argument, but make it contain the
    constructivist idea. That idea is that mathematics is an inherent

    For those interested in logical content, this is already so far afield
    eyes glaze over. And it was never seen to be relevant to relativity,
    no one was able to say how Einstein used practical geometry as a
    technique in
    constructing an argument. “Geometry and Experience” was seen to be a
    of genial generalities with no relevance to relativity. Why were
    unable to understand where Einstein used “practical geometry”?
    Because, I
    think, we share so much of constructivist mathematical thinking that
    we are
    blind to its presence in arguments.

    In any event, you ought to know that Einstein DID use practical
    geometry in
    developing the relativity of simultaneity. Whatever else you may now
    regarding the relativity of simultaneity, you can no longer ignore the
    constructivist mathematics in it–that, now, HAS to be taken into
    There is an historical sidetrack to this: Einstein’s use of
    math is in “disguised” form in the 1905 paper.

    So, I think intentionally, he made it explicit in the “train
    experiment.” If
    you notice, the train experiment and the clock experiments are the
    experiment: they can be translated mechanically, one into the other.

    Thus, the constructivist term Einstein inserted into the train
    experiment is
    also present in the clock experiment.

    Remember, that in doing this, he intentionally deprived the argument
    logical content, because he felt he had to do so. If YOU feel that
    one must
    do so, this will not bother you. If you insist on logical content in
    argument, it will bother you A LOT. So it’s really a matter of taste,
    not one for debate.

    As the paper below says, at one stage of the argument, point M is said
    “naturally” (fallt zwar…zusammen” in the original German) coincide
    point M’. (By the way, close readers of this text–translators–have
    realized that this was a conceptual anomaly: they treat it differently
    in the
    French and Italian translations of RELATIVITY).

    The logical problem with this notion is as follows:

    1. if you drop the term, and M and M’ coincide in traditional
    fashion, you are led to the contradiction of assuming two Cartesian
    coordinate systems and deducing one such system (I leave the proof of
    this to

    So M and M’ cannot coincide in a Euclidean way: that much cannot, I
    think, be
    contested and no one has ever argued that they could so coincide and
    Einstein was saying that they did so coincide. At least, I haven’t
    seen any
    such contentions.

    2. if you retain the term, you find that it is not part of the
    of the relativity of simultaneity. It is not a definition, an
    assumption, a
    principle, a deduction or anything else. You will look in vain for
    logical role it plays in the argument. It doesn’t play any at all.
    simply rattles around in the argument–a loose cannon on deck.

    So what is it? It is what Einstein always meant it to be: it is an
    insertion into the argument, made necessary–according to his approach
    “practical geometry”–in order for the argument to avoid paradox. So
    Einstein did exactly what he wanted to do. However, I think we have
    had an
    unconscious prejudice against the lack of logical content, so we never
    to think that that’s what he wanted to do, or did do. But that’s not
    Einstein seriously. I suggest you take him seriously–at least do him
    courtesy, if you are going to pay any attention to what he says.

    By the way, are there any paradoxes? That is, was there anything for
    Einstein to worry about? No. Not even Zeno’s paradox has stood up to
    analysis. The “logical” compulsion we feel with respect to the
    paradoxes so
    far proposed, is an artifact of their construction–it’s their
    is not a result of logical content in these arguments. They have
    none. Too
    bad, because they are very seductive. But that’s the way it is.

    This is where the new set theory history is making all kinds of
    Particularly Garciadiego is devastating with his care with respect to
    history and the terms, showing that Richard didn’t even consider his
    a paradox, that there is no Cantor paradox, no Russell paradox, and so
    They are glib sleights of hand which do not stand up historically or

    So you really have to do some more work understanding the history of

    Another thing which is being revealed by new work into Einstein, is
    little he probed into contemporary set theory debates. He never
    anything Poincare said about those debates, although particularly
    Guinness is scathing in his discussion of Poincare. Einstein didn’t
    know anything about the set theory which set him off on his
    approach. Very remarkable, I think–very eye-opening.

    Einstein is not alone in the sloppiness with which he approached the
    mathematical foundation of his argument. The Fefermans and other
    commentators are amazingly critical of Godel in their remarks in the
    collected works, regarding his understanding of set theory debates.

    We tend to think of these twentieth-century mandarins as close
    students, as
    scrupulous thinkers. It turns out that they were slobs.

    And of course, Cantor has been subjected to recent research which is
    more embarrassing for his work than the many longstanding critiques.

    Again, there’s more to the background of constructivism than the set
    debates. And it has had an influence far beyond Einstein. You find
    it in
    Darwin, Godel, Sraffa, really everywhere. It has stood in the way of
    for a long long time.

    Finally, you should consider where “natural” coincidence leaves us.
    If we
    can’t get to general relativity because of “natural” coincidence, then
    means that once again the Pythagorean theorem is at issue (it was a
    issue under general relativity, for reasons you know). Does the
    theorem have logical content?

    My feeling is, no. I think it also has a “natural” coincidence in
    it. But

    Ryskamp, John Henry, “Paradox, Natural Mathematics, Relativity and
    Century Ideas” (June 17, 2008). Available at SSRN:

  3. Navid Masud says:

    EPOLA: A New Approach to the Fine Structure of Matter and Space
    By Menahem Simhony
    Retired Associate Professor, Physics Section 5, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel


    The Improper Interpretation of E=mc2. Einstein derived this formula in 1905 from the Maxwell Equations, in a calculation of the radiation energy of an electron, moving in the electromagnetic (EM) field. Unfortunately, in introducing the mathematical ideology of relativity he smashed all rules and laws of the natural science of physics that were standing in his way.
    a. Einstein illegally generalized the applicability of the formulae, derived for electrons, to “ponderable masses as well”, i.e., to atomic bodies, without any proof. Such auto-generalizations are legal in mathematics, but not in physics or in any other natural science, the objects of which do exist in nature. He explained his generalization by “…because a ponderable material point can be made into an electron by the addition of an electric charge, no matter how small.” Well, it cannot. No piece of atomic matter, not even a single atom, can be made into an electron. Einstein’s statement wasn’t good in 1905, and by 1935 it already was an obvious nonsense. Nevertheless, it was never corrected, and the illegal generalization is still used even in the most serious literature.
    b. Einstein equated the radiation energy with any other energy, by saying: “The fact that the energy withdrawn from the body becomes energy of radiation evidently makes no difference, so…”  However, different kinds of energy are not equivalent to one another; some kinds are “more equal”.  Thus, only a small part of thermal energy can be converted into mechanical energy. The energy of electric currents is most versatile, but only a small part of it can be converted into radiation energy, the “most equal” kind.  By denying the difference between kinds of energy, Einstein played on the common misunderstanding of energy conservation.  This law states that if and when one kind of energy is converted into another kind, then the converted amounts of energy are equal.  Different kinds of energy are not equal, not replaceable.
    c. Probably the worst Einstein did here to the natural science of physics is that he misinterpreted the E=mc2 formula to say that it expresses the equivalence of mass and energy.  By this statement he discarded at one stroke the Law of Mass Conservation, always considered as “the most elaborately proven law of physics and chemistry”.
    Unfortunately, Einstein the mathematician and mathematics tutor did not realize that equations contain amounts only, and can thus equate amounts only.   Equations cannot equate kinds of a physical magnitude nor physical magnitudes as such, simply because equations do not contain them.   Hence, an equation cannot replace mass by energy, nor any physical magnitude by another one.  Presentation of E=mc2 as a mass-energy equivalence is thus improper.  As wrong as would be such a presentation of the E=mv2/2 equation for the kinetic energy of a body.

    The truth is that in the E=mc2 equation, m is the change in the amount of mass of electrons and other nuclear particles, present, appearing, and disappearing in space.  This amount is equal to the amount of absorbed or emitted radiation energy E, divided by the squared velocity of light.  The equality of these amounts, m=E/c2, does not mean that mass and energy are equivalent or replaceable.   Similarly, if you buy a loaf of bread for a dollar bill, then these two items are not equivalent or replaceable, because you cannot make bread out of the bill, or a dollar bill out of the bread.  Make, not buy, sell, exchange, or outspeculate!
    Last but not least:  the Maxwell Equations were derived for the Faraday-Maxwell EM field.  This field, with all EM interactions and radiations, was carried by a material carrier, the ether.  Faraday’s ether was an electrically neutral dielectric medium, of some discrete positively and negatively charged particles.  Thus the Maxwell Equations with their c2 may be hiding our c2=Eb/mp formula, of which E=mc2 is a slight transform.   Derivations based on Maxwell’s Equations may be “contaminated” by Faraday’s ether, thus incompatible with “empty space” orthodoxy.

  4. Navid Masud says:

    Maxwell’s Lost Unified Field Theory– by T.Bearden http://www.cheniere.org

    About the time of the U.S. Civil War, James Clerk Maxwell succeeded in unifying magnetism and electricity. Actually he did far more than that, in his theory as originally written.

    In fact, he had produced a theory which also captured the free interchange between electromagnetic energy and gravitational energy, but no one – including Maxwell himself – realized it at the time.

    Maxwell wrote his original theory in quaternion and quaternion-like mathematics. The modern form of vector mathematics had not yet been finalized by Gibbs and Heaviside. It is most instructional to examine some of the fundamental differences between a vector and a quaternion.

    In a conventional 3-dimensional vector, one may have three vector components, such as
    v = ai + bj + ck (4-1)

    where i, j, k are unit vectors in the directions of the x, y, and z axes respectively and a, b, and c are constants.

    Obviously if the vector components of vector v are zero, then

    v = 0 (4-2)

    We shall be interested in the “vector product” of two identical
    vectors v, where

    v X v = AA sinØ = 0 (4-3)

    and A is the length (magnitude) of vector v, Ø is the angle between
    the two vectors (in this case zero), and 0 is the zero vector.

    Now let us look for a moment at the quaternion situation.

    First, in addition to the three vector components, a quatemion also has a separate scalar component, w. So the quatemion q for this
    situation is
    q = w + ai + bj + ck (4-4)

    Now when this quatemion is multiplied times itself, the vector
    part zeros, just as it did for the vector expression. However, the scalar part does not go to zero. Instead, we have

    q X q = A2 = a2 +b2 +c2 (4-5)

    There is a very good physical interpretation of this result. It is a square of the amplitude, hence for the vector part of a wave, it is directly proportional to the energy density of the vacuum, as a function of time, at the particular position. However, we now need to make a short explanation of variation of stress energy density of spacetime.

    First, we note that, according to general relativity, the “gravitational potential” is just a conglomerate of potentials of all kinds. Basically, a potential represents a G-potential, and consequently a curvature of spacetime. The potential also represents “trapped energy.”

    Second, we note that Kaluza combined electromagnetics and gravitation as a unified theory in 1921. Kaluza added a fifth (spatial) dimension to Minkowski’s 4-space, and applied Einstein’s relativity theory to 5 dimensions.

    To Kaluza’s delight, a common 5-d potential is responsible for both electromagnetic field and gravitational field. The “bleed-off’ of this 5-potential in the 5th dimension (which is wrapped around each point in our 3-space) is what we know as the electromagnetic force field. The bleed-off of this 5-potential in and through our 3-space is what we know as the gravitational force field.

    Since the EM field is very much stronger (by a factor of 1042 for electrons) than the gravitational field, it is obvious that most of the bleed-off of the 5-potential is in the 5th dimension, as EM force field. Only a tiny bit is left to bleed-off in 3-space, producing a very weak gravitational field. l


    l Electromagnetics is 5-gravity sliding around our 3-space. 3-gravity is 5-gravity oozing through our 3-space.


    We state this fact: as a mass moves in space, it generates increased “activity” with the virtual particle flux of vacuum itself. The increased virtual particle flux activity exchange between vacuum and mass is analogous to a strange kind of “virtual resistance.” Since the resistance is virtual, it does not observably slow down an observable object moving in an (unobservable, virtual-particle flux) vacuum.

    The increased flux activity represents an increased “virtual energy density” of space time, and an increased “trapped potential” (mass; resistance to an accelerating force) of the moving object. It represents a rotation of the spacetime frame, vis a vis the laboratory observer).

    In the virtual vacuum (which contains both positive and negative time), one sees two antiparallel virtual forces: one in positive time, along the velocity vector of the object, and one in negative time (time reversed, or phase conjugated). The reason one sees virtual forces is that each virtual (subquantal) change in the virtual flux activity represents an individual (unintegrated), separate change, hence a virtual acceleration. The observer ( where things are integrated), sees the integral of all these accelerations, hence observable velocity.

    The vector sum of these two virtual forces in the vacuum is a zero vector; however, the two taken together represent a stress in the local energy density of vacuum.

    Since we may regard an EM wave as a stream of virtual electrons/positrons, each engaging in tremendous virtual particle flux exchange with the vacuum, then the same basic picture applies.

    Now for our physical interpretation of (4-5): If we refer to an EM wave moving in the vacuum, the rotation of the frame is maximum (90 degrees). But this same rotation is just the same as additional vacuum stress, so the vacuum stress is maximum.

    This leads to these conclusions: An electrical force field vector represents a local maximum linear stress in spacetime, along the line of the vector. (Note we specifically deny that the electrical force field vector, of an EM wave in vacuum, is transverse. Instead, it is longitudinal. That has been addressed elsewhere by the author and will not be covered further here. )

    Another electrical (stress) vector interacting with the first one adds more “urging” stress to the first. However, this action is occurring in the rotated frame of the moving wave, and so is rotated 90 degrees from the electrical velocity vector. Therefore it is lateral (but in a hyperdimension, not in 3-space) at right angles to the electrical velocity vector.

    The combined “urging” action of the two vectors thus sweeps out an area with respect to the laboratory observer .

    This means that the total “urging” or “stressing” action of the two vectors is analogous to a vector area.

    It also means that this “area” function may be taken as the “swirl” of the electrical vector, but in a hyperdimension, not in 3-space. That is, we have described the magnetic force field.

    Thus any two electrical vectors that interact will have an “area” or “resistance” component generated. Any two that interact. Whether they add vectorially, cross-product multiply, or dot-product multiply.

    \What is actually happening is that the wave exists in the 5-potential. The E and B fields just represent the oscillations in that 5-potential. They represent oscillations in the bleed-offs of that potential as E-field (longitudinal) and B-field (swirl).

    The drag-area represents the accumulation of extra potential- hence the local rotation of spacetime. Since this accumulation is moving (along with the EM wave), as it passes a point it represents a change in the local virtual particle flux density of vacuum at that point, hence a local curvature of spacetime.

    Hence, the EM wave makes a 5-dimension G-potential wave as it travels. The 3-dimensional gravity wave associated with this is normally very, very much smaller in magnitude – say, by a factor of 10-42 or so.

    However, if the two vectors interact so as to produce a vector zero resultant, then all the electromagnetic energy of the two vectors is captured. That is, all the “EM vector zero” resultant means is that the EM bleedoff of the 5-space gravitational potential wave has been stopped. The 5-potential is still oscillating, and now all its trapped 5-energy must bleed off as 3-gravity force field.

    Mass acts as an accumulator for this “trapped-EM energy turned into local curvature of 5-space.” If we continually irradiate a mass with such a wave, the atomic nuclei of the mass slowly charge up with the new energy. Note that this potential delta may be positive or negative, if one adjusts accordingly.

    In this fashion one may change the mass of a static object in the laboratory. One may either increase the mass or decrease it, or cause it to float, or even cause it to accelerate upwards.

    But to return to our vector interaction and our interpretation of the scalar remainder of the quatemion.

    The rule is, when the two EM vectors interact so as to form a zero EM resultant, then the EM energy represented in each of the two vectors has been converted into a special form of 5-space gravitational potential, one that is not bleeding-off in the fifth dimension (electromagnetically), but one which will gradually produce a 3-gravity potential in a mass’s atomic nuclei as a function of time, the individual element, permeability and absorption factors of those nuclei, etc.

    Therefore in our mathematical theory we ought to have a scalar component remaining when two EM vectors interact to form an EM vector zero resultant. That scalar component represents what is happening in the 5-potential, that will only bleed into 3-gravity.

    With exploration of this phenomenology in the laboratory, one can work out the functions, constants, coefficients, and parameters which specify how the “5-G to 3-G and vice versa” component works in conjunction with mass, motion, and other fields.

    That’s the magic secret of electrogravitation.

    It was captured inherently by the quaternion theory of Maxwell published during the American Civil War!

    After Maxwell’s death, when the scalar portion of the quaternion was discarded (by Oliver Heaviside) to form “modern” EM theory, that also discarded the unified field interaction between electromagnetics and gravitation.

    Electromagnetic field and gravitational field were then modeled and regarded as mutually exclusive. EM field, therefore, was thought to produce no specific gravitational effects in the vacuum itself.

    Hence when Albert Einstein was formulating general relativity some decades later, he knew only one way to “curve” spacetime: that was gravitationally, by “attraction of mass” forces.

    But gravitational force was so weak that only a huge collection of mass would exert enough of it to measurably curve spacetime. That would require a sun or star. Since the observer and his instruments would never be on the surface of the sun or a star, Einstein assumed that the local spacetime of the observer
    would not be curved.

    Hence he severely crippled his general relativity theory. In the West, it remains an assumption to this day. It is not a universal assumption in the Soviet Union, however, since the Soviets have long since written – and developed in the laboratory – unrestricted general relativity with local spacetime curvature, and hence local violation of conservation laws.

    So the scalar part of the quaternion interaction, that remains when the vector part of the resultant is zero, is magic indeed.

    That is the magic unified field portion that everyone has been seeking for decades and decades!

    It was there at the beginning. Then we inexplicably threw it away!

    But to return to our vector/quaternion examples.

    Note also that the two vectors

    v1= ai + bj + ck,
    v2 = -ai – bj – ck (4-6)

    sum to zero vectorially when added, such that

    v1 + v2 = 0 (4-7)

    However, quaternions may behave quite differently, even under addition. For example, the two quaternions

    q1 = w + ai + bj + ck,
    q2 =w – ai -bj – ck (4-8)

    sum their vector parts to a vector zero resultant, but do not sum to a scalar zero as well. Instead, they sum to

    q1 + q2 = 2w (4-9)

    As can be seen, quaternions which have the same vector parts as vectors, do not necessarily yield a complete zero when the vector parts sum to zero. And when two vectors multiply to provide a zero vector resultant, corresponding quaternions may yield a scalar term that is equal to the product of the magnitudes of the two vectors.

    In this way, the quaternion approach can capture the stress of the medium, induced by opposing or multiplying vectors. In the vector approach, the stress of the medium is entirely lost when the two vectors sum or multiply to a zero resultant.

    Let us see just how important this “vacuum stress” can be.

    First, the “stress in the medium” represents curvature of space-time when that medium is the vacuum/spacetime.

    In other words, the quaternion approach captures the ability to utilize electromagnetics and produce local curvature of spacetime, in an engineering fashion. Heaviside wrote a subset of Maxwell’s theory where this capability is excluded.*


    * Dr Henry Monteith has independently discovered that Maxwell’s original quaternion theory
    was a unified field theory. See his important “Dynamic Gravity and Electromagnetic Processes,” in publication.


    Note that, by Maxwell’s original quaternion theory, however, Einstein’s assumption need not be true at all. For example, look at equations (4-5) and (4-9): Here we may utilize electromagnetic force quaternions to produce zeroed EM forces, and an increased stress in local spacetime. In other words, we have curved local spacetime electromagnetically. Since (with electrons) electromagnetic forces are about 1042 times as strong as the gravitation force, this local curvature of spacetime is not negligible.

    That is, we have produced a scalar effect from zeroing vector operation between electromagnetic forces. I have called this scalar electromagnetics, and pointed out that it is truly electrogravitation.

    We stress again that this violates one of the severely limiting assumptions that Einstein placed upon his theory of general relativity. He assumed that curving spacetime could only be done by the weak gravitational force due to mass. Since gravitational force is so weak, only a stupendous collection of mass – such as the sun or a star – could curve spacetime enough to notice experimentally.

    Since obviously the observer and his laboratory instruments would never be located on the surface of the sun or a star, Einstein assumed that the local spacetime would never be curved! In other words, the local frame would always be a Lorentz frame. This meant that, locally, the familiar conservation laws of physics would always apply. Curvature of spacetime would only occur at great distances, and at huge collections of mass such as a star or dwarf star.

    Einstein did not write a complete, unlimited general relativity. He wrote a sort of “special relativity with distant perturbations.”

    If Einstein had had electromagnetic theory in quaternions, the scalar “vacuum pressure” parts would have been there for him to ponder. It is highly probable that he would have captured the “electromagnetics-to-gravity conversion remainder” in the quaternion interactions.

    If so, he would have written the full theory of general relativity, involving local violation of conservation of energy, a unified field theory, and the direct engineering of gravitational and antigravity effects on the laboratory bench by electromagnetic means.

    In that case, we should long since have navigated all around the solar system, colonized the planets, produced practical free energy devices and power systems, and avoided two great world wars and a host of little ones.

    But let us now see if we can make a gravitational wave, electromagnetically.

    Again, regard equations (4-5) and (4-9). Suppose these are instantaneous operations of EM force quaternions whose vector parts are varying in magnitude, but in such a manner that the vector parts always form a zero vector resultant. Now one can see that the scalar part remaining – which represents the stress of local space-time – is varying as the product of the magnitudes of the vectors in the interaction vary.

    This means that one has now produced a scalar wave that represents the local variation of spacetime curvature in an oscillating manner .

    Rigorously this is a gravitational wave. It has been produced locally. It has been produced by Maxwell’s original unified theory.

    Again, I have called this area scalar electromagnetics. The Soviets call it energetics.

    Where local spacetime curvature is varied, conservation laws (energy, conversation, etc.) need not hold. Curved one way, the local spacetime acts as a source (of energy, charge, etc.) Curved the other way, the local spacetime acts as a sink (of energy, charge, etc.)

    The Soviets often do not utilize the same restricted kind of general relativity that Western scientists adhere to.

    Soviet papers in general relativity regularly point out the complete and unrestricted theory, where local spacetime curvature is allowed. They also point out that all conservation laws may be violated by such local curvature. Thus the Soviets have no unduly dogmatic respect for conservation laws.

    Further, by assuming the possibility of local spacetime curvature, Soviet scientists have assumed the possibility of direct experimentation with general relativity on the laboratory bench.

    In the West, we have assumed that such cannot possibly be done, because of Einstein’s limiting assumption of no local spacetime curvature. Thus Western physicists are strongly conditioned away from electrogravitation.

    This is particularly ironic since the basis for just such an experimental theory was produced by none other than Maxwell himself in his original theory of electromagnetism.

    Indeed, shortly after the U. S. Civil War, we should have been developing antigravity spaceships. We should have developed electromagnetics a la Maxwell and been on our way to the planets of our solar system. For Maxwell had – admittedly somewhat unwittingly – given us the basis for the necessary engineering theory of unified electrogravitation.

    Heaviside’s Mutilation of Maxwell’s Theory

    Well after Maxwell’s death, Oliver Heaviside helped to finalize what is today vector analysis.

    Then he undertook to “translate” Maxwell’s theory from quaternion form to the new vector mathematics form.

    Now quaternions were devilishly difficult to calculate in. So much so, that a majority of the electrical scientists (there were not very many of them in those days!) were in despair.

    Not to worry! Heaviside took a broadax, figuratively speaking, and simply chopped off the scalar term, leaving only the vector components.

    With that artifice, he greatly simplified the calculations to be performed.

    Of course, he also threw away the EM stress of spacetime! That is, he threw away the “gravitation” part of Maxwell’s theory!

    Let me stress this fact most strongly. After Maxwell’s death a single man – Oliver Heaviside – directly altered Maxwell’s equations, eliminating localized electrogravitation and producing the form of the theory taught throughout the West today as “Maxwell’s theory.”

    Maxwell’s theory has never been taught in Western universities! Only Heaviside’s crippled subset of the theory has been taught!

    Then, shortly before the turn of the century , a short, sharp “debate” erupted in a few journals – mostly in the journal Nature. Only about 30 scientists took part in the “debate.”

    It wasn’t really much of a debate! The vectorists simply steam- rolled right over the remaining quaternionists, sweeping all opposi tion before them.

    They simply threw out the remaining vestiges of Maxwell’s quaternion theory, and completely adopted Heaviside’s interpretation.

    Thus, a little over a decade later when Einstein wrote his general relativity theory , he did not know that the original work of Maxwell already indicated the unification of gravitation and electromagnetics, and indicated the ease with which local spacetime could be electrogravitationally curved locally and engineered.

    Accordingly, he placed the scientists of the West on a road which rigorously assumed that a unified field theory was yet to be discovered. It also strongly discouraged any experimentation aimed at curving local spacetime, for it assumed that such could not be done.

    After Potsdam and World War II, a frustrated Stalin was to drive his scientists to review the entire scientific literature of the Western world, actively seeking a great new technical breakthrough area such as the Allies had demonstrated with the development and use of the atomic bomb.

    Great Soviet institutes – one staffed, for example, with over 2,000 PhD’s – were set up to thoroughly review all the Western scientific literature from its very beginning. Anything interesting, anomalous, or unknown was put aside for further examination.

    It is a good bet that the meticulous Soviet scientists discovered the difference between Maxwell’s original electromagnetic theory and Heaviside’s mutilation of it. Great mathematicians that they are, Soviet scientists would have realized the implications of the difference. With their knowledge of unlimited general relativity, they would have made the connection to electrogravitation.

    By 1950 they had indeed done so, and were deeply into the development of what they called “energetics”, and I have called scalar electromagnetics.

    They had also reached another milestone about the same time – 1950 or so.

    After WWII, both the Soviets and the U.S. were keen on securing the best of the German scientists. The U.S. particularly wanted missile scientists and rocket engineers. The Soviets wanted them too; but they also wanted the German radar specialists and infrared specialists.

    The West didn’t care about the German radar scientists and engineers, and the IR fellows. The Soviets did, and they got them. That was to prove a most spectacular benefit indeed.

    During the war, the Germans had placed extreme emphasis upon radar and radar absorbing materials (RAM). The German scientists had fantastically developed and extended the science of radar cross section – which is the heart of the matter and very, very complex. They were much further ahead in radar cross section theory at the end of WWII than where the U.S. is today, in the opinion of some U.S. radar experts.

    So the Soviets started with a great jump on us in radar knowledge, and they have steadily increased the lead over the years.

    In addition, the Germans had developed highly successful radar absorbing materials, and much of the theory to accompany them.

    Such materials turn out to be the key to how to build and develop a radar phase conjugation mirror, to produce a time-reversed radar wave.

    Thus, because of the German scientists, by 1950 or so the Soviets had already discovered phase conjugation. And they had discovered it in radar first, not in optics!

    They would have been primed for the discovery by their great review of Western literature and the foundations of science, since they would probably have noticed that the time-reversed wave is a solution to the wave equation. If so, they would certainly have realized its generality throughout all physics, all frequency bands, and all types of waves.

    Superb mathematicians that they are, the Soviets would certainly have made the Kaluza-Klein theory connection, and also realized that phase conjugate waves carry negative energy as well as negative time. They would quickly have seen the gravity and antigravity implications.

    So about 1950 or so, the Soviet Union would have started phenomenology experimentation in earnest, with phase conjugate radar mirrors and phase conjugate radars. This is what was referred to as energetics. The Soviets began a massive program in energetics about the time of the beginning of the Korean War.

    By 1957-8 the Soviets had progressed to the point of a giant scalar EM accident in the Urals which exploded nearby atomic wastes, devastating the area. They had also progressed to development of great new superweapons using their new energetics – weapons to which Khrushchev referred in 1960 when he informed the Soviet Presidium of a new, fantastic weapon in development, a weapon “so powerful that it could wipe out all life on earth if unrestrainedly employed.”

    About the same time (mid-to-late 50’s), the Soviets had also started the eery low-level microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, to see if the U.S. knew of scalar electromagnetics (energetics) and was developing its own electrogravitational weapons and defenses.

    Building Upon Whittaker’s Fundamental Work

    In 1904, a most fundamental paper in the foundations of electro- magnetics was delivered by the British mathematician E.T. Whittaker. (E.T. Whittaker, “On an expression of the electromagnetic field due to electrons by means of two scalar potential functions,” Proc. Lond. Math. Soc. , Series 2, Vol. 1,1904, p. 367-372.).

    In this important paper, Whit taker showed that the electromagnetic force field equations can be replaced with the derivates of two scalar potential functions.

    He also derived the most general form of electromagnetic disturbances in the ether.

    This means that the coupling of two dynamic scalar functions can replace vector electromagnetics in the vacuum.

    Note that Whittaker’s work pointing out the overriding importance of scalar fields also accents the erroneously discarded scalar part of Maxwell’s quaternion electromagnetic theory even more strongly.

    Let me explain now how I got from Whit taker’s paper to scalar electromagnetics, Soviet Tesla weapons, free energy, antigravity, and electromagnetic healing.

    When I discovered Whittaker’s paper, I had already strongly objected that “charges” and electromagnetic vector force fields – as presently included in the Heaviside version of Maxwell’s equations – included observable mass. Of course there was no observable mass in the vacuum, hence the prescribed kind of EM force fields could not exist as such in the vacuum.

    Obviously the foundations of our ordinary electromagnetics theory were seriously flawed. Although my objections fell on deaf ears, I determined to examine the foundations of EM theory , discover the flaws, and at least point out the necessary corrections to be made.

    Though this was an arduous task to undertake and it required many years, slowly the flaws showed themselves, and the necessary corrections slowly became clearer.

    Most exciting of all, in working with several unorthodox researchers, I was able to see many of these new ideas tried, adjusted, and demonstrated. In addition, the proprietary discoveries of these colleagues continued to reveal new and unique principles and concepts. The only disadvantage was that I could not reveal the propriety apparatuses and demonstrations of my inventor associates, but only the principles and concepts that developed. In turn, I also developed principles and concepts to explain what they were doing and the results they were obtaining.

    So over the years I have slowly been releasing the principles and concepts. Some of them are my own discoveries, many of them are the discoveries of my associates. Some of them are simply a mixture of both.

    Early on, it became obvious that the Soviet Union was far ahead on this path, and was already utilizing the new unified field theory to build eery, powerful new superweapons.

    Since no one else in the U.S. seemed to be “watching this particular store” (I was rather universally regarded as some peculiar sort of fool!), I also began to compile information and data on the Soviet weaponization of this unrecognized technology. This information I have released in a series of papers, briefings, and books, the most recent being a 1-hourvideotape, “Soviet Weather Engineering Over North America,” 1985, and a detailed book, Fer-de-Lance: A Briefing on Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons, Tesla Book Co., Greenville, Texas, 1986.

    Building upon Whit taker’s important work, I formulated a conceptual revision to electromagnetics, which I dubbed scalar electromagnetics to accent that the observable EM vector force fields did not exist as such in vacuum, but dynamic scalar fields did. I also wished to call strong attention to the fact that observable force does not exist until an observable particle of mass is coupled to the interference of the two scalar fields (much like in the Aharonov-Bohm effect). The Soviets, of course, call this area energetics. Energetics technology has been used in gigantic weapons programs of the Soviet Union for decades, and it appears to be developed under the most highly classified program that the Soviet possess. All development and deployment of energetics weapons is under the KGB and controlled directly by that organization, not by the Soviet Armed Forces.

    Peter Kapitsa, the great Soviet physicist, was once pressed by Nikita Khrushchev for a total defense against missiles and air- and space-borne vehicles. Kapitsa replied that it could only come from the new energetics. In 1960, of course, Khrushchev gleefully announced to the Presidium that a new, fantastic Soviet weapon was in development, “so powerful that, if unrestrainedly used, it could wipe out all life on earth.”

    Ironically, Khrushchev “jumped the gun” before his new super-weapons were deployed. In the fall of 1962 he began inserting long range missiles into Cuba, bracketing the U.S. with nuclear firepower in an attempt to immediately change the balance of power. Kennedy, of course, backed him down “eyeball to eyeball,” so to speak, in a blunt confrontation, but promised not to invade Cuba.

    Khrushchev, with his days numbered, was desperate to deploy his new superweapons and provide a dramatic demonstration to recover face.

    By destroying the U.S.S. Thresher on April 10, 1963 and, on the next day, producing a gigantic underwater explosion 100 miles north of Puerto Rico, the Soviets demonstrated that the new superweapons had been deployed. Khrushchev managed to retain his position a while longer.

    In the 1960’s and early 1970’s, I was also deeply involved in the study of paranormal phenomena.

    In 1969, I entered the Georgia Institute of Technology to pursue a Master’s Degree program in nuclear engineering, graduating in 1971.

    In 1973, I published a rather simple paper, “Quiton/Perceptron Physics: A Theory of Existence, Perception, and Physical phenomena,” in which I pointed out the nature of quantum change, gave a new definition of mass and acceleration, and pointed out the fundamental nature of inversion of time. The paper also contained a simplified derivation of Newton’s laws of motion, relativistic form. The elements of this paper had been worked out in 1971 while I was finishing my Master’s program in nuclear engineering. Finishing the work had been interrupted by a slight sidetrack – a tour in Vietnam from summer of 1971 until summer 1972.

    At about the same time, I formulated a fundamental correction to Aristotle’s logic, adding a fourth law of logic to Aristotle’s three, and a proof of it. The new logic was of great use in discovering and uncovering new concepts in unified field theory .

    Incorporating Kaluza-Klein 5-dimensional concepts, scalar EM became a field theory that unifies electromagnetics and gravitation.

    Incorporating dynamic sum-zeroed EM vector systems (which are discarded in normal EM theory) allowed the direct engineering of the unified field theory, including structuring the vacuum, curving local spacetime, and producing effects at a distance and in higher dimensions. Actually it allowed the recovery of much of the scalar part of Maxwell’s original theory.

    I then realized that, inside a vector zero EM force field summation/multiplication, the virtual particle flux of vacuum/spacetime was ordered and controlled locally and macroscopically. This of course violated one of the major assumptions (a postulate) of quantum mechanics; the assumption that the structure of vacuum was randomized, and could not be deliberately ordered, engineered, and curved locally.

    Adding phase conjugation (time reversal) aspects and extended quantum mechanical concepts allowed local antigravity and local curvature of spacetime to be included – again, on an engineering basis. It also allowed one to produce a mechanism responsible for Newton’s third law, and to engineer the reaction force at will. Further, it revealed that the law of entropy was simply the positive time statement; it showed that there was another half of the law, the negative time part or the law of negentropy.

    In addition, a startling new concept of mind, thought, life, biofields, disease, and healing emerged from all this – again, on an engineering basis. As we stated in the beginning of this book, it is now an urgent necessity to release my work on the basis for electromagnetic disease and electromagnetic healing. We must produce a very quick, positive treatment and cure of AIDS and other coming lethal viruses before the world is decimated.

    Accordingly, this work is being released in this book.

    In this chapter we will next present some perhaps surprising material on phase conjugation, from the scalar EM viewpoint, after first briefly explaining symmetry and parity.

    In following subsections, we will cover briefly the remaining major concepts in scalar electromagnetics. This will then set the stage for the following chapter, Extraordinary Biology, in which we will deal with the basis for unparalleled electromagnetic healing.

    Symmetry and Parity

    The basic idea of symmetry is the arrangement of the parts of a body or system about an axis so that two or more parts appear the same with respect to some operation.

    The most obvious example is to look in a mirror, where we notice that our image has been reversed, left to right. Yet otherwise there is no difference; and so we may say that the reflection has “mirror symmetry.” It’s the same except that left and right are reversed.

  5. Abdun Nur says:

    What is Time?

    To understand time, it is necessary to understand its components.

    Time is energy (virtual), with the same energy density as solid mass. Time is a function of energy, and so identical to energy.

    Energy in three-dimensional space is understood as mass, energy in the fourth Minkowski axis, as time, this means:

    Each spatial dimension is held within the next, in this setting, the three ordinary dimensions of space are combined within a single dimension of time, to form a four-dimensional manifold, representing a space-time reality.

    So multiplying an amount of time (t) (in seconds) by the speed of light squared (c²) gives the decompressed spatial energy (E) of transduced (changing one energy pattern to a different energy pattern) time (t), in short E = tc².

    Mass is just a special form of energy. Mass is energy, however mass does not exist independently, only time mass exists, so the concept of mass as perceived as existing independently of time as a physical object is false.

    Energy can move across the boundary of three-dimensional space, into the other spatial dimensions, referred to as an open system, in contrast to a closed system, which would isolate energy within three-dimensional space. (No closed energy system exists within the entire universe, it would not be possible to manufacture a closed energy system, even if you wished to) So all energy circulations are facilitated through the fourth-dimensional manifold of time.

    Negentropy, states that the natural system is self-ordering (i.e., freely receiving energy from the active environment), while entropy, is a measure of disorder in a system (i.e., freely giving energy to the active environment) both these states work in balance.

    So accompanying entropy within three-dimensional space is the Negentropy of time energy, in the time envelope of three-dimensional space.

    And accompanying Negentropy within three-dimensional space is the entropy of the time energy, in the time envelope of three-dimensional space.

    The entire structure of all realities is based on the principle of dichotomy, it function between extremes, but held between these extremes exists salaam, the tension and balance that generates emergent complexity, of infinite potential, organically layered, self perpetuating through conscious imaginative creation, manifesting the expansion of ever more interlaced, interactive, interdependent dichotomies, all dichotomies return to the balance of tensions, they always return to order, a physical inclination to exist in negentropy.

    The system functions through the broken symmetry of opposites, for example, the poles of a magnet or a dipole, it’s the point of union that allows the energy of time to pour out at the speed of light, expanding into infinity.

    The entire universe functions on the conversion of energy, that being the transformation of the frequency of the energy. Time energy is virtual, meaning we cannot observe it as it is held within the manifold of the fourth dimension.

    The totality of the photon is the connection between all four dimensional planes, and so its interactions with mass creates that masses motion through time, this is why the photon is neither a wave nor a particle, it is within the two planes, both three dimensional space and the manifold of time.

    Charge is the continuously active entity, which performs the processes of energy transduction between the time manifold and three-dimensional space. An example:

    A Star is a vast dipole, which extracts transduced electromagnetic energy from the time manifold (virtual into observable), and pours it out in all directions at the speed of light, without ceasing, this means a star pours out time-polarised electromagnetic waves looping into the Sun from the outside, and travelling inward, this applies an electric charge to the gas (ionising the hydrogen), generating a vast plasma ball emitting photons (light) and heat, the dipole continues in a circulation as the longitudinally polarised electromagnetic wave or photon discharges into three dimensional space.

    Plasmas vary according to temperature and density, and have characteristics that scale over many orders of magnitude, this means to create a star the density of the ionisation of the hydrogen would be enormous, above 10³³ charged particles per metered cubed. This range of ionisation density explains why for example Jupiter remains as a gas ball, as opposed to a blinding plasma ball of electroluminescence.

    The visible Universe is 99.999% plasma. The Sun is almost 100% plasma, as are all stars. Plasma makes up nearly 100% of the interplanetary, interstellar and intergalactic medium.
    Electroluminescence of the plasma, by emitting photons, both illuminates the universe and connects three-dimensional space to the time manifold, manifesting relativistic time.

    This means each atom of creation is independently held within time, each moment of time is a multiple connection, it is the manifestation of all dimensional planes working in harmony, as all realities are manifest instant by instant; without this constant materialization of reality, nothing would exist.

    To understand the existence of the manifold, firstly consider movement, the movement within every atom, a perpetual orbit of interaction, the endless charge pouring from every dipole in the universe, the constant flow of time independently conveying every atom into the next instant of existence, the organic nature of reality cooperating in a harmony of interactive, transmuting, dynamic truth. Consider what powers this movement, what generates these energies, what manifests this reality instant to instant, an open system of poetic elegance, open to what? Open to a underlying energy exchange, a manifold, the ‘A’ field, the ether, whatever you wish to call it.

    The conventional scientific community have worked hard to deny this open energy system, they maintain lies that have been disproved by true science, special relativity, the laws of thermodynamics, almost all of the deceptions of Einstein, lie upon lie, and to maintain these lies they cover the confusion of these misrepresentation with even more elaborate lies.

    Three dimensional space is a reality generated from the time manifold itself, the manner of the generation of this physical space means it will constantly expand this three dimensional universe at an ever accelerating rate. As every event, no matter how insignificant, is permanently stored within the electromagnetic field of the time manifold as quantum bits of information, these quibits of energy form braid like structures possessing length and width which twist together within the time manifold and expand the volume of the physical universe. This means the older the universe the greater its volume, being an ever greater amount of stored time events, as space expands it has more space to create events in time, this generates the acceleration.

    The mass of the universe works in a similar way; this is quibits of energy (information) within three-dimensional space, which twist together to form particles, clockwise or anti-clockwise along their length to produce positive or negative charge.

    So the time manifold is a natural quantum computer that uses inconceivable amounts of information to generate physical reality.

    The emitted light energy in turn is absorbed by the nearby positive charge of mass, say, the planet earth for example, and retransduced into time-energy (virtual), and re-emitted back to the time manifold. This ongoing energy circulation is an example of a scalar potential, both being and doing, at every spatial point of itself, inducing vacuum polarisation (an example of polarisation would be opposite poles of a magnetic field).

    There exist continual communication between particles which takes place in the time manifold, which holds this three dimensional universe, which holds all the particles of this physical reality.

    Matter depend on knowledge, it needs a cosmological clock provided by the frequency of the electron waves, the waves also perform the role of communicating in addition to time, length and mass.

    Every particle communicates its wave state with all other matter, so that energy exchange and the laws of physics are properties of the entire matter ensemble. The behaviour of matter arises from itself. Every element of this existence are interdependent, just as each cell of the human body is interdependent on every other cell, just as each element of an eco system is interdependent on every other element, a recurring pattern of nature.

    There are two real and coexistent realities participating in the physical behaviour of matter. We see one reality as our familiar 3D environment, governed by the natural laws. The second reality is composed of energy so densely compressed it boggles the mind, this energy mass of unseen quantum waves which form the structure of the fundamental particles: electrons, protons, and neutrons, and also, all three dimensional space, and action, in truth, everything, emanates from the time manifold.

    We cannot observe these waves although they fill the apparently empty space around us. We only know of their existence when two particles change their quantized wave states (energy levels) in concert. For example, one particle in a star and the other in the retina of our eye. This exchange we call ‘light’.

    A manifestation of this same phenomenon can be observed when a particle is divided, if you heat one half of the split particle, no matter the distance, the other part will react in the same way as the heated part, as they are a single quantized time mass state, both halves vibrate instantaneously, even if you separated them to the opposite sides of the universe; the connection functions similarly to the photon, no distance exist within the manifold, all knowledge is connected.

    The energy of existence in all its many patterns and forms is of a single source, a conscious and infinite fountain of knowledge and imagination, without limit or constraint, as the understanding you have read expresses, only this conscious energy exists, nothing else, it guides and controls its energies, seemingly without effort.

    This conscious energy is the concept and reality of Allah without reservation, beyond the manifold of time exists an additional seven dimensional realities, each a magnitude of infinities, existing outside of the time manifold, beyond that more exists as the energy created all this of itself, but Allah exists as infinite, limitless and unbounded, the adventure of existence is just beginning.

    Abdun Nur J (The servant of the source of the light J). (Using many references)

  6. Gary Geck says:

    If you liked Dangeroud Knowledge, you may my video interesting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ds6XtElf3E I get into the deeper stuff Cantor dealt with…but there is some overlap…

    Gary Geck

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