A New Election, A New Hope

A new election, a new hope, a new Government but the same old problems. Election 08 has given anew hope to people of Pakistan. A hope that arises every time Government changes. Hope that arose in 1997 when Nawaz took over, Hope that arose again in 1999 after Musharaf Coup and now again in 2008.But will this time be any different, for the sake of Pakistan’s future I hope so yes. But it won’t be an easy ride for the new government as the ground realities haven’t changed much. The US war against terror is still on going, the spread of extremism in the masses is still ongoing, and there is still electricity and gas shortage so it won’t be a walk in the park for who ever takes over the government.

Has Pakistan reached a point from there is no return? Has the US lead war has put us in a dilemma to which there is no solution? are the main questions the new government has to address. People of Pakistan have spoken and given the politicians another chance, now its there turn to deliver cause God forbid if they don’t the trust people have entrusted in them will be shattered.

The performance and policies of the new government might very well determine our future and our existence as a nation.