Students Protest

Nuces-Fast Joined in with Lums today in protests.

In Lums there was a large gathering of 1000 students almost 3 times bigger than Mondays Rally. It was a big success. Though Police tried to stop it and there was a lot of Police presence outside Campus gate but students made there point with a well organized show of protest.


In Fast it was a totally different story. Police arrested 3 of the students and sources say they also beat one. Gate of Fast was closed and no one was allowed to go Inside or Come Outside. Campus was surrounded by police .

Video: Protest at Fast

It seems PUCIT is also planning to join in and it seems that on Friday there will be a combined Coordinated Rally joined by students of many leading universities in Lahore.


One Response to Students Protest

  1. Shaheen says:


    Today a protest rally also happen in Punjab University new campus!.

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