FAST Protest on 9th November

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A peaceful protest was held at FAST today. Around 500-600   students gathered backstage after Jumma Prayers for a Peaceful protest. All the students were Wearing Black Arm Bands as a sign of protest. Few faculty members also addressed the student gathering.

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A Tribute to Students

Today LUMS saw its biggest ever protest and it’s heartening to see that FAST and other reputable institutions have joined in as well. All these protest by students have been done peacefully and in good Faith.

Yesterday I was hearing Geo and Dr.Shahid and Insar Abbasi were commenting on current state of affairs in the country and the bottom line comment from both of them was that our nation has gone emotionally dead(Behis),reason that no people were coming out on the street. Perhaps they were not aware of the protest held at LUMS on Monday.

Well people come out on streets if they have strong leadership to follow and as present no politician or noticeable figures that can lead people have come out in protest.

That makes this student movement by LUMS, FAST and other leading universities even more commendable and appreciable as these movements and rallies are totally organized and arranged by students without involvement from any other source. This shows a bright light of hope and shows the youth of our Nation are aware and are willing to stand up and fight for the right causes. There is still along way to go but the good thing is that student voices have started to emerge and are being heard nationally and internationally.

Students Protest

Nuces-Fast Joined in with Lums today in protests.

In Lums there was a large gathering of 1000 students almost 3 times bigger than Mondays Rally. It was a big success. Though Police tried to stop it and there was a lot of Police presence outside Campus gate but students made there point with a well organized show of protest.


In Fast it was a totally different story. Police arrested 3 of the students and sources say they also beat one. Gate of Fast was closed and no one was allowed to go Inside or Come Outside. Campus was surrounded by police .

Video: Protest at Fast

It seems PUCIT is also planning to join in and it seems that on Friday there will be a combined Coordinated Rally joined by students of many leading universities in Lahore.

Anti-Emergency/MarshalLaw Protest at Lahore University of Managment Sciences(LUMS) Campus

A small Anti – Emergency/Marshal Law Protest was held at LUMS Campus today. The Student body is really flared up against the steps taken by the Musharaff regime all over Pakistan. Till now only Lawyers were the main driving force in protest against Musharaff. Is this small Rally is the sign of things to come in the future. LUMS is a leading University of Social, Business and Computer Sciences in Pakistan. Few of its faculty members were also arrested in the government operation/crackdown against Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Head office in Lahore.