Khuda Ke Liye – A must See Movie

I watched “Khuda Ke Liye” Yesterday night and was really impressed by the movie. The Movie depicts exactly what is happening in Pakistani Society. The struggle between the Extremist and Moderate Forces.

Movie brought up many controversial topics like music, dressing, out of Islam marriages and many more.

So I really recommend all to go and see the movie because it is really a thought provoking movie and depicts the conflict within our society.


5 Responses to Khuda Ke Liye – A must See Movie

  1. Sameer says:

    Assalam-O-Alaikum, Everyone. I have already watched this movie on internet – This is true it’s a thought provoking movie and this is actually a new trend-setter movie in Lollywood – Only thing I would say, we should NOT AT ALL discourage the movies which quote/reference Islam. Media is the most powerful tool in this era. Others make a movie, a TV program, a website or a newspaper article and try to deteriorate ISLAM and its teachings by lies and fake stuff, and then inject that wrong belief/idea to the whole world, using Hollywood, Bollywood, CNN, BBC or etc. Every other movie in Hollywood and Bollywood is agains ISLAM and Muslims, and what we are doing in response, NOTHING. For example if they have spreaded the concept that Muslims are terrorist and they kill others, through their movies/media. DID we make any movie in response to tell this world the truth by quoting HADIT and QURAN as it says ‘KILLING AN INNOCENT HUMAN BEING IS KILLING THE WHOLE HUMANITY’ – So now after this movie, for example if someone else tries to make another movie about Terrorism and quotes/reference QURAN and HADIT, and tries to show the world that what actually ISLAM says about killing innocents, and how much ISLAM condemns , then he will do an EXTREMELY good job.

    I live in London and have heard thoughts of Hindus, Christians, and people from other religions about us Muslims, and when I tell them that killing anyone like that is not allowed in our religion, they get surprised that if its really in QURAN. So in short I just want to say, please, please, please USE media as much as possible to spread the right teachings and concepts of ISLAM so that we could tell others that they should not judge ISLAM just by looking at a few Muslims – and they should try to look into the real ISLAM which is the ‘MOST BEAUTIFUL WAY OF LIFE’

    I appreciate this effort of the director but at the same time, I think some parts of the movie are controversial and a proper research may not have been done about these issues. I would strongly urge everyone who is into media, and doing some efforts for the same purpose, that they should be very careful before quoting/referencing ISLAM. Because if something goes wrong, and they released something not-well-researched to the world, it may effect thousands of lives and which is going to be an extremely big responsibility BUT please just don’t stop and go ahead – DO Research and try to equip today’s media with everything you can to show that ISLAM is really for everyone and for the whole humanity. And depict the beauty of ISLAM they way it should be done.


    Sameer (New Media Designer – London UK)

  2. Faddy says:

    I have not watched many Pakistani Movies because I did not know that there could any good movie as KHUDA KE LIYE. It is one of best movie I have ever seen in many years. It was really good one. I must appreciate.

  3. pi says:

    Saw the movie yesterday and it was simply great.

  4. raza says:

    The movie touched on a lot of important issues and is definitely worth watching. The acting and direction was decent from South Asian standards, however the movie was too long and could have used some editing. The music was excellent.

    I do take issue with some of the statements made by Naseeruddin Shah’s character at the end in the courtroom scene. His statements regarding sporting a beard, music, dress code were off topic and damaging to the actual message that the movie was otherwise trying to make – that there is no compulsion in religion. Religious beliefs are very personal and often irrational ideas. For example, Sikhs believe in sporting a beard, certain conservative Southern Baptist Christians believe dancing is immoral, Jews avoid certain activities on Saturdays, etc. It is nobody’s business to question people’s beliefs and delve into their religious texts. Naseeruddin Shah’s discourse should have been restricted to the idea that no matter what one believes, they have no right to force their beliefs on others rather than question the beliefs themselves which opens a whole new can of worms. The issue the world has with extremists like Taliban, RSS, KKK, etc is not really their beliefs (which is their own business) but that they force their beliefs on others.

    Overall a great movie.

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