The great Arctic Circle oil rush

When I heard on the news that Russia is laying claim to artic land and main reason for this was to lay claim to oil reserves I was really shocked and surprised. More so because it is the use of oil and fossil fuels that had made approach to artic possible due to melting of ice caps due to global warming and now to exploit the same resource that has been the cause of global warming is shocking and outrageous. Instead of doing efforts to protect the remaining ice sheet and to stop the melting we are planning to extract oil which can potentially destroy all the natural habitat of artic region and to greater extent harm the planet as a whole due to effects of increased global warming. 

β€œit’s an irony that even Al Gore might appreciate. As global warming causes the polar icecaps to recede, potentially oil-rich seabeds are being uncovered beneath the Arctic Circle in the suddenly navigable — and drillable — territory.

The area has long been thought to hold substantial reserves: Some say up to 25% of the world’s undiscovered oil and natural gas may lie below the thawing ice.

But as the countries bordering the Arctic hammer out who can lay claim to what parts of the ocean, one major player is missing: the U.S. Why? Because of an unlikely spat between Big Oil and a group of Republicans over the UN treaty that governs who can claim rights to those waters.”

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