Polarization in Pakistani society

Since 9/11 slowly but surely the rift and polarization in Pakistani society was occurring>the Fundamentalist the moderates and the liberals, 3 classes were fast growing apart from ach other. Now the events of past 6 months have taken this polarization into overdrive. The extremists angered by the lal Masjid episode, the moderates and extremists angered by the response following the episode which has killed 200 people in last 20 days, So when Musharraf says that there is a Internal conflict in Pakistan between moderates and extremists I do agree with him to some extent. Its not just people with poor educational Backgrounds that the turning to extremism and fundamentalism but also people with good education background having bachelors and masters degree who are following the trend, which really is a dangerous sign for Pakistan.

Pakistan is standing at a critical stage in its history, this struggle between liberals and moderators will determine the future of Pakistan over the coming years. Moderate ratio whose voice may not be loud yet have a far greater majority than the fundamentalist.

Many people have different point of views but I think it is only through open mindedness and ability to hear others in a civilized way with exchange of ideas is the way forward. The fundamentalist thinking of we are right and everyone else is wrong wont work.

It will become more apparent in coming weeks which side will dominate, and the outcome of this clash of ideas will be vital to the future and survival of Pakistan.


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