Jinnah’s View of Pakistan & Muslims

Just saw these 2 videos of Jinnah Addressing then nation on YouTube.


Is there still Hope?

 It’s a sad time in Pakistani History. Not in past 60 years since creation of Pakistan we have seen devastation, chaos and anarchy like this. Muslim killing Muslims, targeting there own brethren like country is tearing itself apart from inside. Everybody knew that lal Masjid incident would have fall out and far reaching effects even before the final operation started but excessive and merciless use of force by Pakistani security forces and rigidity of government, and failure to save innocent lives has really spurred up the religious extremists and jihadi groups against the security forces. More than 50 deaths due to suicide bombing in past 1 week, mainly targeting security personnel and latest in the heart of capital itself and huge explosion killed 16 yesterday. So where are we heading. We don’t want to become Iraq, but for a past 1 week we have been no different.

And it is rumored that government is preparing for a tough military action in North West province and this would only complicate matters. It’s a critical point in the history of Pakistan; government has to be careful not to create another blunder like lal Masjid.

Religious parties and leaders should also play there role instead of fueling the fire they should send out message of peace and brotherhood. After all we are all Muslims and we should be living like brothers instead of going for each others throat.