Moderation/ Injustice /Extremism: A look back at Lal Masjid

Abdul Rashid Ghazi, Man who started as being a moderate force from Lal Masjid, Ended his life as a hardliner fundamentalist, and the transition from a moderate to an extremist came in a very short time. As now lal Masjid Crises/unfortunate event is over its time to ponder over the reasons why this all happened.

Rashid Ghazi was a moderate from very start, he didn’t had his formal education from a madrassa in fact he studied International relations and got is masters Degree from a moderate Quaid-E-Azam university and even after that he was a government employee in environmental department. So how a normal man 10 years ago has such an end is a question we ought to ask from ourselves. What were the reasons that made him in Rashid ghazi of today? 

Maulana Abdullah, Late Ghazi’s father was assassinated in 1998 and from there the turning point started, ghazi became more and more involve din madrassa and eventually spearheaded the Lal masjid saga.

To say Rashid Ghazi demands were inappropriate is wrong. Demanding an Islamic system, raising voice against injustice and illegal activities is right of every Muslim. It’s the approach Ghazi used to fulfill his demands which led to his demise. So in all lal Masjid Saga Government is much responsible as lal Masjid Administration. 

If Pakistan government had acted upon the concern of Lal Masjid administration in first place, against the demolishing of mosques, illegal clubs in Capital, Whole crises could have been avoided. So one can say Lal Masjjid is a direct consequence of failure of Law enforcing agencies which prompted the lal Masjid Officials and students to take the law into there own hand inspired by Jihadist Concept, which was wrong action to take as forming state within state and taking law into ones own hand is not a smart move, but the underline point is that ghazi who may be misguided in execution of his plans had solid and valid base points on which government of Pakistan should have acted to save lives, and when government acted it was too late and it had no other option to handle the issue in the way it conducted the operation. 

Now this crises is over with lives lost, bullets fired and loss of life of Ghazi Rashid and Lt.Colonal Haroon, let’s hope both parties learn there lessons. Government learns its lesson that’s upholding of the law at every level should be first and foremost priority and Madrassas Learn that taking law into there own hand is not an option, otherwise more of Lal Masjid situation will arise which will be really disastrous for the future of Pakistan.


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