When will it End?

I was just reading a news website and came to know that a Army Captain along with 7 other security officials have died in the Full fledge military operation to rid Lal Mosque to terrorists. It’s been a week now since this all started and there has been nothing but killings, and one fails to understand the logic behind the stand of Mullana Ghazi and his motives. He is still hiding in a basement inside mosque with children as his human shield. 

3Days back I heard Mullana saying that there are no children inside mosque on Geo.tv and yet in morning today 20 children’s fled from the mosque. So don’t understand the logic of Mullana stand.

Even now he could save lives by coming out and surrendering but it seems highly unlikely and he seems intent on dying. Mullana had a very genuine point 5 months back about the upholding of Islamic Law and sanctity of mosques but in past 6 months he and his brother have done all that what they stood against.


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