Crises upon Crises

Last time I posted in May on Pakistani situation it was about the chief Justice issue and Massacre in Karachi, and one thought the worst is over, but again who am I kidding this is Pakistan. There is more twist and turns here than a Hollywood feature film. 

In past 4 weeks Pakistan has been hit by 2 cyclones from Arabian sea. Normally 1 in year is a rare occurrence and we had 2 this year such a year this has been.100’s of people lost there life in Baluchistan and Sindh and even after weeks people are still waiting for aid

And to my main point in this post. Lal Masjid issue was threatening to erupt for many months now and when nothing else could go wrong for government LAL Masjid issue erupted with full fury. The brainwashed extremists, radical students, whatever you call them have really rocked the city of Islamabad. On Saturday a Lt.Colonel of Pakistan army was martyred in the conflict. How much people say about army they still love it and everyone is sorrowful upon death of a high ranking decorated soldier.

Now it’s up to the maullana sahib sitting inside the mosque to change his stance and do some good, and save lives of 100 of innocent people stranded inside the mosque.

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