The Deteriorating Situation in Pakistan

A year and a half ago in was almost 6-7 years since Musharraf came to power. Till then he had made some good judgments about the future of Pakistan and apart from problems created by the anti-American minority Islamic extremist group things seemed rather well. Pakistan had to face some tough times in Musharraf Era, War in Afghanistan, Tensions with India but Musharraf made some good calls on these situations, But the situation that has unfolded in past one and half year has almost spoiled all the good works done by Musharraf in past 6 years. Starting from military operation in Baluchistan, then Wana and particularly the Bajor incident really spurred up the suicide bombings in Pakistan. Never had I seen Suicide bombings in Pakistan at such a scale. If this was not enough the recent judiciary crises, Political instability and just this week the eruption of violence in Karachi leading to death of 42 people. In past 30 day alone almost 100 people have died in suicide bombings and violence. This is unprecedented, and worse of all the killings in Karachi are attributed to the visit of chief justice even by the highest governments’ official rather then taking responsibility for lack of order maintained by the security officials. There were 15,000 Police persons in Karachi and additional rangers also could have been called and then they were called it was too late. Chief justice with whom this violence is attributed didn’t even left the airport and it should also be considered that this was the same chief justice who traveled 27 hours from Islamabad to Lahore by road and not a single incident of violence was reported. 

And to topple all after all the chaos in Karachi Muslim League( and Musharraf) held a grand Jalsa in Islamabad boasting as they have always done about there greatness.

When Musharraf came to power many Pakistani got a new hope and 2-3 years back this hope was still alive. I have never been found of politicians in Pakistan (though I am strongly for democracy), Politicians in Pakistan are more of feudal lords than peoples representatives, that’s why Musharraf had high approval rating in masses 2-3 years back. But the events in past 1.5-2 years have really rocked the bases of Pakistan and approval of Musharraf has dropped significantly and even the most fond supporters of Musharraf in public sector have started to shake in there resolve about supporting Musharraf.

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  1. Hindu Kush Mountains of Pakistan hit by an earth quake which had a magnitude of 7.6 on Sunday, October 9, 2005, sending tremors across South Asia. The worst ever earth quake witness by Pakistan.
    The origin of earth quake was 80 km (50 miles) E of Mingaora (Pakistan), 130 km (80 miles) N of ISLAMA…

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