Age Of Warriors

From the time when man came into existence there have been man who do extraordinary works and get legendry fame and acknowledgements upon there heroic achievements and triumphs. But one difference we have seen in the past 150 years is the decline of warrior class in this area. When we look back over past 2-3 millenniums the most famous of people have been warriors and kings and more back we go more of them we find. Names like Alexander the great and Julius Caesar, Salahuddin Richard the Lion heart napoleon are household names.

But if we look back over past 100 years we wont find such names, instead we will find diplomats politicians scientists philosophers in this category and no warriors.

Perhaps the last great showdown for warriors was in 2nd world war and those heroes are only remembered by few people.

I think the main reason for this is despise of humans for War, the fall of great empires and creation of small nations has brought an end to age of warriors. Now no one remembers any general in battle but only remembers his politicians. Overall man thinks of war as a cruel business and does not want to glorify anything in it


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