An Inconvenient Truth

Last night i saw Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth“, A movie based on the reasons, consequences and solution of global warming. Movie revolves around a slide show presentation by Al Gore which he has presented in more than 1000 places worldwide during the past few years.

Movie also highlights Al Gore personnel efforts as US senator to solve this issue and the attitude of present US administration towards the issue. But the movie mostly portrays true facts and is an excellent effort to create a sense of awareness among the general public.

The authenticity of the facts in the movie is described on wikipedia in such remarks

“The Associated Press contacted more than 100 top climate researchers and questioned them about the film’s veracity. Because this was at the time before the film’s general release many of those surveyed had neither seen the movie nor read the book, but all 19 climate scientists who had done so said that Gore conveyed the science correctly. The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, chaired by Sen. Jim Inhofe, a global warming skeptic, issued a press release criticizing this article. In hofe’s statement that “global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people” appears in the film.”

Movie is extremely informative and a must see.

For full details about the movie visit wikipedia or

One Response to An Inconvenient Truth

  1. Abdul Aleem says:

    Hey, give the link here, I lost it when u gave me the other night.

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