Lets Peace Prevail

In 1947 two independent nations surfaced on face of the world. India and Pakistan with largest migration of people across the border of two countries taking place. With mass murder, looting raping and pillaging this was bloody event but in the end two countries stood on world map, in a sense both reaching there objectives. Pakistan got independence from British and separate Muslim state and Indians got there own sovereign state first time in over a thousand year period.

But let’s go back not 50 but 300-400 years back and even beyond. Indian Subcontinent for best part of last one and a half millennium has been controlled by Muslim rulers with both Hindus and Muslims living in harmony and peace.

My grandfather and grand mother were also from a small village in Indian state of Punjab and what I have heard they used to be friends with there Hindu neighbours. In fact the whole history of this region from Buddha, Asoka to Mughal and British Empire has been a collection of diverse religions living together in harmony.

Muslims were right though in 1947 for asking there own Country as a minority Muslim population would have got no overall powers in a combined  Subcontinent, but the fact the history of both these nations is interlinked to each other as Muslims and Indians both have there heritage in each others countries.

But for past 50 years in both countries young generations have been taught such hatred against each other which is unprecedented. Just due to this hatred we have fought 3 wars and even now are always a stone throw away from a full scale nuclear war.

Well it’s really heartbreaking to see two nations which share the common history and culture going for each others thought in such a way. If our forefathers could live together in peace why cant we.

Now what’s wrong if a Pakistani band goes to India as ambassador of peace and says “jan jan Hindustan”. In literal terms I say “dil dil Pakistan jaan jaan Hindustan” because without Hindustan we would not be complete.

We Pakistan boast of our Mughal culture and Muslim architecture. Well guys lets have a reality check. Mughal sultans mostly had there seat of power in India also the great Mughal architecture almost more than 70% lies in India. And in fact if u go some 1000 years back most of our ancestors were Hindus so why this hatred for each other.we should be brothers and not enemies.

I think time finally has come for peace to prevail and to let go of this hatred, and if we do so we will surely become one of the most prosperous region in the world,and i really appreciate the actions taken by the media community in this regard by making peace tours and mixing among people so that we can bridge gaps between these 2 great nations.


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