Gandhi and Jinnah:Which was greater?

Well this is a never ending discussion .Indians will always say Gandhi and Pakistani’s Jinnah, but these comments are not based on logic but on patriotism.

For West whenever name of any Subcontinent leader is mentioned Gandhi always surpasses Jinnah thus many Pakistani’s consider such rankings as biased or based on hatred towards Muslims. Well I for one think that both leaders were great in there own right but Gandhi was Unique from Jinnah, based on the following reasons.

  • First Gandhi started his struggle many years before Jinnah, Jinnah came to scene arou8nd 1915 whereas Gandhi was there from almost start of the century.
  • Secondly Jinnah fought only for Muslims (20-30%) of total population, whereas Gandhi was fighting for whole India, Hindus and Muslims and if you take Gandhi out of the equation there would have been no independence.
  • Thirdly, the life style, visual appearance and actions are what make Gandhi unique. What he did had never been done before. He was a leader of everyone. Even a poor farmer could relate himself to Gandhi. His clothing ,simple life style and tactics like hunger strikes was what rallied the masses against the British, Gandhi showed that power of masses is greater than any power, Jinnah on the other hand was quiet a Gentleman, he was one who could relate himself to British culture that’s why the general popular support of Jinnah was less then Gandhi among masses(Hindu and Muslims both).

Apart from all this discussions it is needless to say that we should be proud to get 2 great leaders in a same era. Jinnah and Gandhi are the never diminishing stars in the history of subcontinent. So comparing or not we should give equal respect to both leaders as it was due to effort of both these leader that we have an independent and a free country.