Time 100 most Important people of 20th Century

The List is topped by Albert Einstein and includes people like

Mahatma Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, Nelson Mandela, Alan Turing, Tim Berner’s Lee, Edwin Hubble, Alexander Fleming, Wright Brothers, Winston Churchill, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, The Beatles, Oprah Winfrey, Muhammad Ali, Mother Teresa.

For complete list and details visit

http://www.time.com/time/ time100/index_ 2000_time100. html

Now many of my friend is Pakistan argue why Jinnah is not in this list.

Well the reason for this simply put is the difference between the stature of Gandhi and Jinnah as seen by the west.

Time magazine recently did included Jinnah name in 60 most influential Asians of 20th century.

The difference between Jinnah and Mikhail Gorbachev, Reagan, Roosevelt, and POP JAUNPAUL II, Gandhi is just one.

What Jinnah did was a great achievement, achievement that only a very few people had achieved but it was struggle that benefited a small community in the overall world population, so rest of the world had no benefit of it. Like a person in Europe had no concern over it.

Now look at what these other persons I mentioned did.

· Mikhail Gorbachev was last premier of Combined Soviet Union, It was he who signed the papers giving autonomy to the soviet states and eventually it was his decisions that became the reasons for eventual collapse of the Soviet Union. After its collapse dozen of new countries were formed. Almost a whole continent was affected.

· Monumental Speech and visit by Reagan in Germany was the one that shifted the balance against the USSR and eventually led to fall of Berlin wall. So he too as US president affected millions.

· Roosevelt was perhaps the greatest of all these men as it was all his decisions that mattered in WW2 and they affected almost every soul on the planet.

· POP JAUNPAUL II also helped the European nations in their struggle for independence from USSR and had a huge influence of world political scene as a whole.

· Gandhi was not fighting for Hindus only but for all Indians including Muslims that’s what separates him from Jinnah.

So it is the scale of effectiveness that matters. That’s why whenever a world ranking is done Jinnah is not mentioned.

4 Responses to Time 100 most Important people of 20th Century

  1. largemouth says:

    Jinnah embraced separation, 1,000,000 refugees died when that occurred. What shining insight did he introduce that should place him on the list?

  2. Herbesse says:

    Will this make my Nelson Mandela stocks on trendio rise? http://www.trendio.com/word.php?language=en&wordid=139

  3. YLH says:

    I think this is a very unfortunate comment.

    Gandhi was not the saint you make him out to be nor was he fighting for all Indians.

    As for Jinnah, he is the only politician in South Asia to be called the best Ambassador of Hindu Muslim unity. I thoroughly recommend that you read H M Seervai’s “partition of India legend and reality” which exposes the congress leadership including gandhi as the hypocrites that they were.

    Mind you Seervai was an Indian.

  4. student says:

    i swear if i do ali jinnah the great leader of Pakistan then everyone will be grinning and teasing- behaviour of students! maybe people are more interested in someone who contributes something publicly.

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