60 years Of Asian Heroes

Recently Times Magazine Asia Published A series named “60 years of Asian Heroes”.

The list contains Most Influential and successful people in the following categories.

  • Nation builders
  • Artist & Thinkers
  • Business Leaders
  • Athletes & Explorers
  • Inspirations

Pakistan Despite being a nation of 150 Million had only 3 names in the propsed 50+ names. Out of which the name of Muhammad Ali Jinnah as nation builder was stand out. Apart from him there was Nusrat Fateh Ali in Artist and Thinkers and Jahangir Khan in Athletes & Explorers.

Well I felt happy at first to see 3 names but later I felt disappointed to see only three names. The most disappointing thing was we didn’t have any names in the fields of  thinkers, Business Leaders and Inspirers. It has been now almost 60 years since Quaid laid the foundations of this nation and what have we repaid to him? The first 2 lines about his article in Magzine read

“Pakistan, the nation the Quaid-i-Azam founded, needs him and his values more than ever”

 It is heartening to read the closing lines of the article describing Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

If one believes in the rule of law, mistrusts religious zealotry and opposes tyrannies constructed in the name of majorities, one should find it easy to see oneself in Jinnah and to empathize with his struggle. Much of Asia could learn from his example, none more so than those of us who belong to the state he founded.”

For Detail visit Time Asia Site

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