Terrorism and Religion

Throughout the Western world every incident of terrorism is now being related to Islam. Blasphemes Cartoon of our prophets being made and above all Muslims are seen with suspicion or even hatred. Values of our faith are being questioned (e.g. Veil) and every aspect of our religion is being criticized.

Well I just want to rewind back some 1000 years back when pope urban II called upon Christians for a so called Holy war against the Muslims. He not only declared a Holy war but said that any one who participates in this war his all sins should be washed away thus granting an open license to kill all those who are non Christians which is even totally against the 6th Commandment of god given to Moses. So Pope urban issued a religious by pass to heaven. For 300 years Christian waged war on Muslims killing thousands of innocent Muslims and Jews and many of them at time of conquest of Jerusalem only because they were infidels and non believers.

Muslims all that time never said anything against Christianity as they knew that Christianity was a religion from GOD and Christians were people of the book but now 1000 years on same situation has arose again now with tables turned, but now the same catholic church who committed the atrocities 1000 years ba ck mocks Islam . Western Civilization and Christians portray us as terrorists  when they should understand that what is happening are not the teachings of Islam but the Anger of the oppressed who have been under suppression for over a century.

Just as 1000 years ago the crusaders were not representing the true Christian values by killing innocent people, the terrorist today are not representing the true Islamic values but in both of these occasions these terrorists have tried to sort protection under the religious umbrella. BUT the disappointing thing is the attitude of Christian Church and Western Christians who should better understand what terrorism and killing of innocent civilians mean as they have been themselves indulged in these acts a 1000 years ago.


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