I was browsing through wikipedia today and came across topic of Revolution.

Following were the main causes of revolution

  • A poor economic situation and an unmanageable national debt were both caused and exacerbated by the burden of a grossly inequitable system of taxation,
  • The rise of Enlightenment ideals;
  • High unemployment and high bread prices resulting in the inability to purchase food;
  • A resentment of noble privilege and dominance in public life by the ambitious professional classes;
  • A resentment of religious intolerance;

It must be noted that not all revolutions are bloody as French revolution. We can have a peaceful revolution were we can indulge people in thought provoking dialogues and create a sense of morality and nationalism among people.

I think it’s about time that Pakistan sets upon this path of revolution. It’s about time that people stand up and get involved in dialogue to get rid of this extremist environment and the terrorist label that we are carrying.

For me the government is not the only one responsible for change but it’s the people who are responsible for it. Government only does what people want it to do.

It’s about time we understand and acknowledge the true principles of Islam and forge a state out of these principles.

For me I will try to play my part through my words, to spread these ideas among people and pray that Pakistan achieves the status that its founder Quid-e-Azam had dreamt for it


One Response to Revolution

  1. Abdullah says:

    well our governament is trying its best to have these situations throughout preveal in the country which u mentioned above.
    So wht i am doing, i am waitnig for the person who will take Initiative in insurgency and i will be with him for a better Pakistan.

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