Hate Propoganda: Muslims vs The West


Today I just turned on the TV and on Fox News a program related to sneak preview of new documentary “Obsession: Threat from radical Islam” was on. The main theme of the documentary was to show the hate propaganda Arab channels and Islamic clerics are spreading among ordinary Muslims.

While watching the documentary I couldn’t help thinking that who actually was the main propaganda machine. The Arab channels and clerics or the Western Media because all I saw in the 1 hour program was hate propaganda against the Muslims. Surely if an American Christian watches that documentary he will think Islam is a violent religion.

So west claims that there is hate propaganda vs. the West .I dint deny this propaganda but I also say that there is also hate propaganda vs. the Muslims spreader by western media and leaders.

The program had notions like Muslims want to take over the world with views from some (which are less than 5%) radical Muslims clerics. Also that killing of kafir in a Muslim land without any reason is justifiable.

Quarn teaches to spread Islam so that one day all worlds is Muslim at heart, so to interpreted in the manner it was very offending to me. Also Quran grants rights to non Muslims living in Muslims society not what was portrayed in the documentary.

Well why these western channels don’t show what there Christian church did few centuries back in the name of Christianity. Why don’t they portray the crimes committed by the church against women and general public in the name of GOD?

Every religion has some extremist elements and to only highlight those elements is not the true representation of that religion.


5 Responses to Hate Propoganda: Muslims vs The West

  1. Luqman says:

    First of all, Western media exaggerates everything so much. They try to show the parts of Middle East which are violent all the time but they never show any good places in Middle East. MOST of Middle East is very peaceful and there are no problems. Media portrays the whole Middle East as a war zone which is so not true. The word Middle East means terrorists to the Western world. Only 1% of muslims are labeled as terrorists, yet all Muslims are being labeled as terrorists. Also, it is quite sad that they make false claims of Muslims being allowed to kill non-muslims in muslim societies. In last Jalsa, they even gave a whole speech on this matter and still western media doesn’t listen. Let’s remember what Islam teaches us: Killing a person is like killing the whole mankind, and saving a person is like saving the whole mankind!! Those words include the whole world, not just Muslims!

  2. Anony says:

    I see alot of your articles regarding West vs Muslm, and how the west/christianity is discriminating Mulsim World in their quiet evil/doublefaced ways(which is true), and attacking the religion of Islam in every negative way possible that they can find, but as a Muslim you cannot hide behind this and ignore the problems and state of the main stream muslims worldwide,
    You always seam to counter the argument by saying you do/did the same thing, every religion does/have/had the same things then why target Islam. I wish you could start thinking more intelluctually and start writing and targeting the current horrific state of main stream muslims in the world that allows these people to target our beautiful religion of Islam.
    “Quran teaches to spread Islam so that whole world is muslim at heart” hows that going to happen? Who’s going to make all the non-mulims religion to understand and become muslims at heart? By counter arguing their arguments that you/your relgion/culture has/does/did the same things?? “Quran grants rights to non-muslims in Muslim soociety” where in the muslim world do you see nowadays this basic teachings of Quran being followed my friend, infact its the opposite that the west allows these basic rights in their countries and millions of muslims are living in the west more peacfully then in the islamic world. Are these the teachings and examples the Muslims in the world protaying that is going to turn the whole world into Islam?? Who has to bring change in themselves, who has to start setting the examples of the true teachings of Quran/Holy Prophet(pbuh)>> Christians or Muslims??

  3. abdulazeem says:

    I agree with u but the point what I am trying to make is that Islam is not the culprit here. What is happening is not what our religion teaches .Our religion teaches peace and tolerance. So terrorism should not be in any way linked to Islam or any other religion like Christianity and Jewism. So when I say that Christians did it as well I don’t mean to say that we can do it but I just say that please don’t relate Islam to the terrorists action.
    On the point of revival of Muslims I agree that we can only revive our self by following Quran and Islamic teachings.
    So I am not trying in any way to justify terrorism because Christian did it in 12th century but to say that not to relate terrorism to religion.
    Hope that answers ur concerns.

  4. Marina M. says:

    I think the core of this problem is that both the East and West and everyone in between want to be able to point a finger at somebody else so that their duty to fix their problems is absolved, and the blame is placed on the “other”, whoever that is at the time. The US gets attacked and the West found the simple, easy, broad target to be Muslims because they are an “other” somewhat related to a part of the attackers. That’s pretty irrational seeing as Muslims are not a real, practical other in the US or the West, in any way, but there aren’t many in control. Alternately, war and instability ravage parts of the Middle East and extremists find the easy, broad target to be the Western influences that threaten their way of life and bring impurities into the culture, bikinis on television and weapon trades that fuel both sides of wars. The extremist reaction does not reflect the majority of Muslims, hence “extreme”, as the crusaders were not the only Christians. They were manipulated by the powerful, as usual when death is the method of change. Look at the Nazis, normal everyday Germans were given an “other” by Hitler, he coerced thousands into blaming everything on Jews with the rhetoric that Jews were the reason for their economic decline, and that without them their lives would improve. In a terrible moment of chaos and instability in Germany, a powerful, charismatic man gave people a scapegoat, and in the heat of the moment they were willing to do anything to improve their country’s situation. That of course is an extreme example, but the pattern of blaming and cleansing is recurrent throughout history. Stalin, Hitler, Crusades, the War on Terrorism, terrorists scheming against the West. It is sad because which name people give God or which practices they feel bring them closest to that force is irrelevant to the fact that we all are sacred, simply by nature of existing together in this moment. With a religious take, simply because everything God creates is sacred. The “other” is a political tool, and it is in each of our best interests to not allow that pattern of thought to weaken our bonds of humanity. By dividing our species into sections and regarding all but one’s own section as “others”, it becomes morally possible to kill. One feels less remorse for killing a bug than a dog because the bug is less human, but it would be easier to kill a murderer than an innocent dog because the person is bad. But, no matter who it is that whoever is fighting, when a person kills it is not the dead that loses their humanity, it is the killer. It’s hard because there is no “right” or “wrong” religion or political theory, there are only alternate ones that people see as right or wrong based on which one they feel more connected to, for whatever reason. Right and wrong, blame and innocence block our path to harmony. There can be no balance when people cannot shoulder their share of blame. All the responsibility for all the bad in the world is too big of a burden for any people, it is impossible to pretend that any single culture can take it all, and when cultures push their share of the blame on an “other”, disasterous imbalance ensues. It is true that there are clashes between ways of life in different places, but to aliviate the pressure of the world’s pain and suffering that we all feel when we feel anger and hate, we must each take our piece of the weight and not push it on anyone else. We have to forgive each other for misunderstandings, and accept that each person can only choose the best way of life for themselves, no matter how badly we might want them to know the joy of ours. They probably feel the same, so why can’t we be happy knowing that other people have found a way to exist in peace with themselves and the world and God? Why does everybody’s way have to be better than everyone else’s?

  5. Marina M. says:

    Sorry, that was really long and completely digressed from annny point you made in your article. Basically I think propaganda is sad, from both sides. If people really think their way is right, they should be able to present and defend it when all angles of both sides are shown.

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