Desperate Times

World Opinion was one of optimism, joy and hope for the future after the fall of Soviet Union after the Afghan war in Late 80’s, but none of them imagined that this major event in human history will cause one of the biggest imbalance in international politics leaving Unites States as the sole Super Power in the world, perhaps the strongest superpower after the great Roman Empire.

So instead of peace and joy during the past 15+ years there are left few regions of the world who have haven’t seen wars and after effects of the Soviet Union Collapse.

The most effected region has been that if greater middle east, and unfortunately, except Israel all countries in this region are Muslim countries. Let us not speculate that whether all this was for oil or to suppress Muslims, the bottom line remains that Muslims in this region of the world have been the target of suppression and negligence and now a point in time has come which will perhaps shape the future of these nations as a whole.

Some of us have already made a choice and have chosen the path of violence and terrorism, but the more abundant moderate people are still not accepting the reality or perhaps they have and don’t know what to do and how to respond to these troubling times.

But as far as I can see if we choose the way of terrorism and extremism then what we will do is to fuel hatred of Muslims and Islam among the moderate western society as we have already seen the after affects of various terrorist events after 9/11, like banning of veils in Western Society and general hatred towards Muslims and Islam as a religion. So this approach is making our situation more and more worse.

But I think now time has come for the moderate Islamic element in these countries to stand up not only against the West but also against the extremist element in our own countries. So it becomes a responsibility to educate our extremist society with true Islamic values and the best way to do it by writing down our thoughts publishing them and letting our own society as well as the west to know how the moderate Muslim view in our countries. It is only when we are united and strong we can hope to become prosperous and face this western onslaught of lies.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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