Now Who’s better Captain … Inzi or Younis

Well for past 6 months many people have started saying that Inzamam should be replaced as Captain of Pakistan Side and Younis Khan should be given the nod due to his excellent morale and enthusiasm in the field.

Well yes captain has to be beat up and enthusiastic but the most important feature of Captain is how he performs under pressure. So in ICC champions trophy, due to unfortunate Ban on Inzamam ,Younis has his chance. Though Pakistan Team was weekend one but the shot Younis Played today vs. South Africa in situation that needed calm and coolness just set apart Inzamam class as a player and as a captain and his ability to thrive under pressure.For me Younis short at that critical juncture just cost us the match. Younis may be a good chap in the team but his skill and temperament under pressure was totally exposed

Hope this incident will shut up those who want inzi out and I hope that inzi is kept as Pakistan Captain until he decides to retire and what ever that time may be, the longer the better for Pakistan.

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