Angels and Demons

Yesterday I Started reading a novel “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown. This was not the first time I read him, just recently before the release of the movie I read the Da Vinci Code by him. So this is my second Dan brown novel. One thing that is good about Dan Brown novel that he mixes conventional suspense and thrill in Novel(which he creates splendidly in his writings) with historical event though they may be tweaked a little to adjust the story so the novels are both interesting and informative. For example mention of whole “Council of Nicea” event in Da Vinci Code. Atrocities regarding scientists by Church in medieval times.

The way I read the novels is to open Encarta or Wikipedia and search for the true original story of the idea mentioned by Brown so in this way I get the joy of novel and also satisfy my ever increasing lust for the historical fact and events.


Devil in UN

The Speech of Hugo Chavez in UN was an extremely interesting one in fact it caused a little bit of laughter. His Devil Comment was certainly a surprise and to link it with burning smell of sulphur was extraordinary.

Well on a serious note press conference yesterday of Ahmedinajad was an excellent one where he showed himself as a strong leader and what ever the world say the things he has said at UN about the balance of power are worth considering

Just this morning read on Musharaf comment that after 9/11 US threatened to Bomb
Pakistan if they don’t cooperate. This comes as no surprise as all literate class in
Pakistan anticipated that what had happened but it was very courages and very welcoming from Musharaf to speak so clearly.