Ahmadinejad Speaks Out at Un

Though I might not share Ahmadinejad view of destruction of Israel and few other radical comments but most of what he said was totally to the point and is representative of more than what 90% of people think in Muslim Countries these days. His comments at UN where strong and he clearly spoke out how us and
Uk have made Un puppet for there Foreign policy.
 Full Details here


4 Responses to Ahmadinejad Speaks Out at Un

  1. Abdul Aleem says:

    Hey, always link the link you give so anyone can click to browse.

    Ping Back From: http://abdulaleemkhan.blogspot.com/2006/09/azeem-on-blogs.html

  2. missx says:

    Wow…. perhaps a world leader in the west should have his country sponsor a “Bosnian ethnic cleansing cartoon contest” Then he could also challenge whether Milosevic was just acting in self defense and that muslims fabricate history for their own benefit.. he could tour the world educating people about muslim conspiracies and ridiculing their tragedies. Of course, you would be able to look past this too, right?
    When Jack Straw said that wearing a face veil made it hard to communicate he was accused to causing hate crimes…. yet Muslim leaders, such as Ahmadinejad openly
    encourage disrespect and hatred and no one every holds them responsible for the hate crimes that result.

  3. Well I was just referring to what he said at UN. And with clear conscious if u ponder upon his speech u will know he is right. I do not agree that all of his actions are just like cartoon contest and views of destruction of Israel and others, but what he said at Un most of it was FACT.

  4. Great site and interesting reading

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