Welcome to My blog

Hello,So finally i have created my Blog.Okay then now a brief introduction abt me.i am Bs(CS) graduate from FAST

Lahore.At present Working as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Cambridge Docs Lahore.I live in Lahore Pakistan.

Now to other stuff , in this blog u will find general hot discussion topics and topics of my interest whcih include 1-Computer Science (offcourse) 2-History and political topics 3- Space science 4- Cricket and some other general and science related gossip and discussions.I will try to update this  blog frequently.Thats it for now will be back latter with some new stuff.





4 Responses to Welcome to My blog

  1. Fastian says:

    hey nice blog. esp ur pic :d just want to ask that where u took this pic from.. and yeah nice to c u in a DRESS shirt.. :p i suppose u r in office. otherwise tum aur itni dressing.. back to the blog.. hey nice blog :d lolz.

  2. Kamran says:

    Oyee chiknay kaisa hai [:P]. looking real nice in dress shirt

  3. Rai Wasif says:

    Oye Shonnu. monu, Golu molu.
    oooooooops :p Azeem ye tu hey. Sorry sorry!! yaar Dress Shirt main pehchana nahi 😉 . well nice blog yaar. wesay quality assuarance pe bhi koi blog likh wehshi sa.

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